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Day Drives with a rental car in Storybook Meppen

With a town history consisting of over twelve centuries, Meppen has quite a bit to show to visitors. Theatres, museums, and outrageous bygone architecture have made Meppen known as northwest Germanys fun town. Everywhere you go, picturesque scenes unfold allowing tourists to relax and enjoy themselves.

There are over thirteen separate municipal centres in Meppen, so acquiring a car hire for the day is a necessity for seeing everything. All rental sizes, from mini economy cars to large family friendly vans can be easily found when touring modern Meppen.

The best time to travel to Meppen is during the local theatre season
From the months of September to April, the streets of Meppen come alive with the buzzing of theatre patrons and participates preparing for Showtime. Competing theatres often try to outdo one another in putting on spectacular productions, all for the benefit of the delighted viewer.

Although located along Germany%u2019s western border, the countryside in Meppen shares the common look of most fairytale Saxony towns. The further one drives from the municipal districts, the more you are pulled into rustic lanes that look pulled from a storybook illustration.

Looking at the complimentary road map provided by Sixt car rental services unveil many different routes and sightseeing day trips within easy driving of Meppen
Car rental road maps also help new visitors to Germany from getting lost. Recent road infrastructure improvements ensure that you never get too far into the wilderness.

One of the more popular tourist destinations in Meppen is the ancient watermill at Herrenmühle. The Herrenmühle is located not too far away along the Nordradde stream, and its history goes back to the 1500s. Today, locals still come to the Herrenmühle to celebrate holidays and other community events.

For driving tours of Meppen, it may be a good idea to get the fuel card option when you rent a car with Sixt for the day. There are plenty of easy to find pump stations within the many districts of Meppen, so you will always be able to fill up when you need to.
At the end of a day filled with storybook sightseeing and medieval buildings, nothing is more pleasing than sitting with your friends to a traditional German meal. All the nationally known beers are available here, along with lesser own local drinks like apple ails. Food also tends to run towards traditional Black Forrest flavours, but local innovations have seen the creation of the modern schnitzel.