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Minivan Rental with Sixt

Rent a minivan with Sixt


Ensure you have all the leg and luggage room you need and rent a minivan with Sixt. You can arrange a minivan rental at any of our worldwide locations and get going on a family vacation or group outing. Our top quality minivans provide a high performance drive and their high end amenities make it easy for everyone to enjoy the ride.

Sixt Minivan Fleet

If you want to book a minivan, please select the MVAR car category in the booking process. Other 7 passenger vehicles can be booked in the FFAR car category. Below you can see some example minivan models to rent from Sixt.

Features of a Minivan Rental

Considered to be some of the safest vehicles on the road, minivans are often preferred for family trips and group travel. Most popular are 7-passenger minivans with some manufacturers offering 8-passenger and 9-passenger models as well. Easy in and out and configurable seating layouts make a minivan rental more versatile than an SUV or passenger van.

Advantages of Renting a Minivan

  • Renting a minivan means both long and short excursions can be undertaken with less stress and more ease. Travel at your own pace and leave the trip open to spontaneous detours by booking a minivan with unlimited mileage.
  • Ample cabin storage options and cargo capacity mean you can bring what you need for the drive and still have room to take along what you want for the destination. Most minivan models can carry two full-size suitcases or three large bags.
  • Standard infotainment features keep passengers occupied so drivers can stay focused on the road.

Minivan Rental Add-ons & Upgrades

As part of our efforts to help you have the best time while driving we offer deals on a number of useful add-ons. Rent a minivan and customize it to your requirements while booking online or over the phone. Include a child seat so you can leave yours at home or tack on a GPS to stay on course and on schedule. Take turns enjoying the views and share the wheel with an additional driver or feel more reassured while out on the road thanks to extra insurance coverage. Let us know what you need for an optimal ride and we will gladly give you tips on how to best tailor your minivan rental.



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Please be aware the Sixt rent a car fleet varies from location to location and some vehicle types are not available at every branch. Furthermore, please note reservations do not guarantee you to receive an exact car model, but you will receive an equivalent vehicle in the same car category.