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Child seats for your car rental

Does SIXT offer car seats for babies and children?

Yes, you can add a guaranteed car seat to your SIXT rental. Simply select the type you need based on your child's size, weight and age when booking online The price will be clearly listed in the extras sections and your total price will be automatically updated.

What is the difference between baby, booster and child seats?

SIXT lets you choose the right seat for your little one in order to ensure that every child can travel in comfort and safety.


  • Age: babies from birth to 15 months
  • Attachment: place the seat facing away from the direction of travel
  • Placement in the vehicle: can be mounted on any seat.
  • Please note: if the baby seat is positioned on the front passenger seat, the airbag must be disabled.

Baby seats are essential when traveling with infants and children below 1 year of age. These seats are customized for their body frames and keeps them both safe and comfortable during travel.

CHILD SEATS: 20-40 LBS (9-18KG)

  • Age: infants 9 months to 4 years old
  • Attachment: in the direction of travel
  • Placement in the vehicle: can be mounted on any seat.

Our forward-facing child seats feature improved side impact protection by utilizing softly padded, deep side wings. They can also recline to make your little one more comfortable. The special Pitch Control System also decreases forward motion in the event of an accident.

BOOSTER SEATS: 33-79 LBS (15-36 KG)

  • Age: children 4 to 12 years old
  • Attachment: place the seat facing the direction of travel
  • Placement in the vehicle: can be attached to any seat.

Our booster seats is easy to install and feature side impact protection designed for older children. Its padded headrest provides support and comfort while easily adjusting to your child’s height. This booster seat helps to fully secure your child by making sure that adult seat belts are naturally positioned over their shoulder and pelvis.

How can I rent a car with a child car seat?

Booking a child car seat for your rental car is quick and easy:
  1. Use the booking engine above to enter your pick-up location and dates.
  2. You will then be shown all available car categories. Simply pick the one that suits your needs best. Then, select "Show more extras" and click on "child seats" to view the available options.
  3. Simply choose which child seat(s) you need and let us know how many we should reserve for you. Your total rental price will be updated accordingly.

Please note: We cannot ensure your chosen car seats will be available at every branch. We will, however, do everything we can to guarantee they are in stock before your arrival.
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