Compact Car Rental
Compact Car Rental

Compact Car Rental

There are many great reasons to rent a compact car with SIXT. Those planning a city trip can take advantage of the smaller body of a compact car to easily maneuver and park in urban areas. No matter what is on your travel itinerary the small size of a compact car can also help cut costs. Keeping trips cost effective is easy with a smaller car as you typically get better fuel efficiency. The SIXT fleet provides different compact car rental types to suit all kinds of trips, including sedans and convertible compact car rental models.

Toyota Yaris iA

or similar

Mini Cooper

or similar

Smart ForTwo

or similar

What is a compact car rental?

A compact car rental is a smaller vehicle that is ideal for fun city trips and adventurous shorter excursions. A compact car can give plenty of room for those looking for an ideal means of transportation for a family vacation or trip with friends. Choosing a compact car vs. an economy car rental gives you slightly more room and gas mileage. 

What is considered a compact car rental typically refers to a vehicle that:

  • Has 4 doors 
  • Seats up to 5 passengers, including the driver
  • Fits one large and medium sized suitcase, in addition to several small carry-on bags
  • Has good fuel efficiency, due to its smaller size and lighter frame

Renting a compact car with Sixt

Along with our affordable compact car rental deals are a number services on offer to help you enjoy your driving experience to the fullest. Book online and easily include useful extras such as GPS or an additional driver to your compact car rental. You can also opt for enhanced coverage protections or a child seat. We also have flexible rental time periods and one-way rentals so you can rent a compact car that is perfect fit for your next road trip!

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