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With a sports car rental in from SIXT, you can get to your destination while turning heads. Whether you are renting in the USA or at one of our locations worldwide, you can be sure to get a sports car rental from a top carmaker. Cruise the coastal highways of California or Florida or take an iconic road trip on Route 66 in a Ford Mustang. Any trip can be made better with a SIXT sports car rental! 

BMW 2 Series

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BMW 4 Series

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BMW 8 Series

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Book a sports car with SIXT and choose add-ons to make your drive more enjoyable. If you are renting in the US, you will be sure to get a car with automatic transmission. Optional extras include GPS, child seats, roadside assistance or additional drivers. You can also book a one-way rental or choose a weekly or long-term rental if your explorations will take more time. 

Advantages of a SIXT Sports Car Rental

  • Performance: Our fleet of sports cars has real get up and go. Whether you are renting a coupe or convertible, you can feel the open road in one of our premium cars. In a model like the Ford Mustang, you can enjoy the power of a V8 engine. 
  • Comfort: With power and performance comes top-of-the-line entertainment features. Inbuilt infotainment systems give you information about your driving while also allowing you to play music or stay connected with hands-free calling features. 
  • Safety:  The new-model sports cars in our fleet have the latest safety features hidden under their stunning exteriors. Relax when you hit the open road knowing that you will be kept safe by electronic driver assistance features. 


No matter where you are renting one of our luxury rental cars, you will get the perfect model for your needs. In the US our varied fleet includes iconic American classics like the Dodge Charger R/T, Chevrolet Corvette convertible and the Ford Mustang convertible. We also have European models like the BMW 4 Series convertible and Jaguar F-Type convertible if you want something a bit different. Most of our vehicles are less than 6 months old, so you will be sure to get a model with the latest features. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee you get a particular car unless you book one of our guaranteed models. 

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