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Electric Car Rental

Electric car rental

Get a great deal while driving the latest premium models with an electric car rental from SIXT. Drive an electric vehicle from a top brand, like the BMW i4, Tesla Model Y Long Range and Cadillac Lyriq. Our premium EVs are paired with friendly customer service, easy booking and the option to customize your rental with extras like SIXT Connect Wi-Fi service.  

Why rent an electric car with SIXT?

Prepaid charging to save time on vehicle return

Zero emission driving 

A comfortable, quiet ride 


24/7 customer support 

The latest electric car models with exciting new features 

Easy access to charge points across the US 

Where to charge your EV rental 

Not only is an electric car hire easy with SIXT, but we also make charging convenient. If you’re driving a Tesla, you can download the Tesla app and easily find the nearest charge point. That means you can enjoy a stress-free, effortless drive around the US when you rent an electric car with SIXT.

Long-term rentals & subscriptions

There are two ways you can rent an electric car in the US for a month or longer. Book a long-term rental (28 days or more) or sign up for SIXT+, our premium car subscription service. With SIXT+, you can rent a model like the Tesla Model Y Long Range or standard Tesla Model 3 month-to-month for a set rate, cancel any time on a monthly basis, and change cars up to once a month. These Tesla models will be available first for SIXT+ customers in South Florida, Hawaii and Los Angeles. 

FAQs about electric vehicle rental

Does the vehicle come with charging cables?

Yes, all our vehicles come with two charging cables: 

  • Type 2, which is used to connect to public charging points. The chargers can be found on the street, in parking lots and garages, at supermarkets and more.
  • Domestic charging cable. This cable can be used in regular household power outlets

Does SIXT provide a charging solution?

Yes, SIXT will provide you with instructions on how to charge when you pick up your electric vehicle. If you are driving a Tesla you can download the Tesla app and find nearby charging stations during your trip.  

Where can I charge an EV?

For Tesla rentals you can download the Tesla app and then search for nearby charge points that meet your needs. For other electric cars, we’ll provide instructions at pick-up on how you can charge the vehicle. 

How much does it cost to charge an EV?

The charging cost and how it’s calculated varies throughout the US. In some cases, you pay per kilowatt-hour (kWh) used while in others you pay per minute of charging.  

Who pays for the charging cost?

You pay for the charging costs. For the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, you can set up payment in the Tesla app. For other electric cars, we will provide information on how to pay for charging when you pick up the vehicle. 

How far can I travel with a full charge?

There are several factors impacting the range of an electric car.

  • Speed: High speeds such as motorway driving increase energy use and therefore reduce your range. Urban driving at a lower speed with stop-and-go traffic generally means lower consumption and a longer range
  • Weather: The ideal temperature for maximum range is around 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 C). In cold weather the battery uses energy to heat both the battery and the interior of the vehicle. 
  • Driving style: Electric cars have a rapid throttle response that makes them fun to drive. However, the maximum range is reached with smooth acceleration and maximum use of the regenerative breaking. 

What distinguishes the driving behavior of an electric car?

Two factors differentiate the driving behavior of a conventional vehicle versus a battery-powered vehicle.  

The first is acceleration, which is significantly better in an electric car versus a conventional car due to the rapid attainment of maximum torque. The second is that electric vehicles cause virtually no engine noise.  

Additionally, the electric motor doesn’t have a transmission, which is why the driver doesn’t have to shift gears and experiences uninterrupted acceleration.  

The braking behavior of the electric vehicle is also different. In addition to the conventional brake, it also has a so-called recuperation brake. Here, when the speed is reduced, the electric motor is used as a generator and kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy. In this process, the car brakes and part of the energy released is recovered. In some cases, the recuperation brakes are so powerful that the conventional brake rarely needs to be used.  

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