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Electric Car Rental

Electric Car Rental

New technologies are constantly being created to make automobiles of the future eco-friendly, fuel-efficient and easy to use. With these advances in technology, the popularity for these modern vehicles is ever-increasing. Embrace your love of technology and the environment with an electric car rental from SIXT; these modern car rental vehicles boast state of the art technology for a smooth, safe drive like no other.

BMW i3

or similar

Tesla Model S

or similar

BMW i8

or similar

Electric Cars - Working Together

Many cities are moving towards electric points and charging stations to be readily available. As we are witnessing today, it’s not only the cities which are receiving this treatment; smaller towns and suburbs are also attracting attention allowing more and more people to consider switching to electric. With mass production projects from large companies such as BMW and Tesla, the automobile market is shifting toward electric. At Sixt, we only rent out the most recent vehicles on the market, so indulge yourself in an environmentally friendly, technologically advanced car hire.

Zero Emissions & Plenty of Fun With Electric Car Rentals From Sixt

With a SIXT Electric car rental you can enjoy guilt-free road trips as you cruise across America in a comfortable, innovative vehicle that runs solely on electricity. With excellent power, grace and efficiency, you own the road in an electric car rental from SIXT. Being highly cost efficient and eco-friendly, you need only to recharge your electric car to get it back on the road. There are plenty of charge points across the world and USA so you don't have to fear any untimely break-downs. For a useful guide on charging your SIXT electric car rental, please check out our guide on how to charge an eletric car.

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