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Renting an automatic vehicle from SIXT rental car is a great way to explore new cities and unfamiliar routes. Driving a car with automatic transmission is possibly the best form of driving when traveling in downtown areas. The feeling of knowing you don't have to think about shifting gear makes traveling more relaxed and comfortable. When you rent an automatic car with SIXT, we guarantee that all our cars come with automatic transmission in the US, so you can cruise the downtown streets or beach roads in your desired vehicle. When traveling to countries where manual transmission is more typical, you can easily choose to book a vehicle with automatic transmission guaranteed for that extra peace of mind.

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Sixt's automatic fleet

The joy of renting an automatic with us is that you can choose from all classes and be completely satisfied with performance, reliability, comfort, and luxury. At Sixt, we pride ourselves on offering all the top range models and guaranteeing luxury everywhere you travel. Whether you want to drive a smaller, more economical vehicle, or splash out on an SUV or sports car, you can rent an automatic.

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How to Book an Automatic Car with Sixt

SIXT makes it easy to rent a vehicle with automatic transmission. While booking online, enter your desired station and travel dates, and then you will be asked to select a car category on the next page. At the top of that page, you will see a toggle for  “Automatic Only”. Activate it, and your options will then be filtered for only automatic cars and you can see what is available for your travel dates at the chosen station.

Sixt Rent a Car's Services

Here at SIXT, we want to make sure you enjoy all the sights with a hassle-free vehicle. It’s easy to customize your vehicle with a wifi device with international calls and local guides or an additional driver for a road trip. Families can book child or booster seats so that there is less to pack for a holiday. With over 2,200 stations worldwide, SIXT is there for your rent a car needs.

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