Sixt Automatic Rent a Cars in France

Make your trip to France hassle-free with an automatic car rental. You can decrease the stress of driving by not having to shift gears while paying attention to street signs and driving directions. This is especially true if you are visiting larger cities like Paris or Lyon where traffic is heavy, and the streets are sometimes old and narrow. It is also important to keep in mind that manual transmission cars are more common in Europe. We make it easy to book an automatic transmission vehicle online or in our app, so you can make your trip abroad more enjoyable. 

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Booking an Automatic Car with Sixt

Select an automatic vehicle with ease when you reserve a car online for France. Input your desired destination and travel dates, and then on the next page you can choose a car category. At the top of that page, in the “Transmission” drop-down menu, you can choose only automatic vehicles and then click “Apply”. You will then see the options for automatic cars at your rental station. 

What to Do in France

Thoughts of France mostly turn to food, wine, and a chateau in the countryside. You can find all of this and more intermingled with modern touches in the cities. In Paris, there is the world-famous Louvre museum, and just outside the city is the Palace of Versailles. Swim in the blue water of the French Riviera in Cannes or Nice. In Winter, drive to the French Alps and take a cable car from Chamonix to the Auiguille du Midi near Mont Blanc.

Rent an Automatic Car with Sixt Rent a Car

Automatic Car Rental Services from Sixt

Take advantage of our line of premium cars with automatic transmission on your next trip. You will likely encounter unfamiliar road signs and rules when in a foreign country, so why not decrease your stress? Our large fleet gives you a wide range of options when choosing an automatic car. Choose from a variety of luxury sedans, station wagons, sports cars, convertibles, SUVS and vans. Drive in supreme style and comfort in a BMWMaseratiMercedes-Benz, PorscheLand Rover, or Jaguar. Whatever the reason for your trip to France, you can easily rent an automatic car at one of our many stations.