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Drivers have the incredible chance to experience firsthand the pleasures of a fine crafted vehicle when they rent a Maserati from Sixt. Like any masterpiece of Italian art a Maserati evokes an emotional response both on and off the road. With timeless style, signature sounding power and ultra-luxurious amenities a Maserati rental invites you to try out a truly unique ride.

Rent a Maserati with Sixt

One of a kind Craftsmanship

Whether at the wheel of a classic Maserati sedan rental or another model, you will be reaching the heights of luxury and automotive performance. With a winning record, Maserati models demonstrate their racetrack reputation on the road with their impressive speed and athleticism. With a Maserati rental drivers get to take to the streets with a vehicle that has unrivaled style and an unparalleled sporty spirit. 


An Italian Renaissance

Founded by the Maserati brothers this family business brought Italy to the forefront of sports car design and development. Since its official beginnings in 1914 the brand has become a forced to be reckoned with in both race and road car production. Known for innovative engineering, ultra-light materials and elegant lines Maserati models couple high-end Italian aesthetics with high performance.


Renting a car for less with Sixt


With affordable rates on premium vehicles with Sixt you don’t have to pay top dollar to drive a top brand car rental. Rent a Maserati online and save money by paying in advance or benefiting from our deals and discounts. Secure an optimal drive on a family vacation or business trip by upgrading your rent a car with useful add-ons. Enhance the ride with a GPS, additional driver, insurance coverage or options. Please note reservations cannot be guaranteed for a specific model, but you will receive an equivalent vehicle in the same car category. Enjoy some attainable luxury on your next journey and make the most of the miles driving a Maserati!