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Can I add GPS to my car rental?

You won't have to worry about getting lost on your vacation or business trip when you book a GPS for your SIXT rental car. Simply select "GPS Guaranteed" once you have chosen your vehicle and the price will be automatically updated.

Even if you don't have a particular address in mind, a GPS can recommend places in the area to visit and explore. Enhance your SIXT car rental experience by making sure that you a GPS .

Stay on track with GPS in your SIXT rental car

  • GPS systems are great for any trip because they can show you the quickest, most-direct routes -  saving you both time and gas money. You can even opt for the most scenic route if you’re not in a rush!
  • GPS will also alert you to upcoming traffic delays and suggest alternative routes. This feature is perfect for making sure you don’t waste any time on your trip.
  • Many units also have built-in features that alert you of  local speed limits and warn you when you are going too fast. The GPS may also notify you if there is a speed camera coming up - saving you from unexpected fines.
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