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Romania Car Rental

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Top off your vacation plans by taking a minute to rent a car in Romania with Sixt online. You will be amazed by how easy it is to book your favorite vehicle, whether it's an SUV, a sedan, or a van, at the most convenient location in mere minutes.

Rent a Car in Romania with Sixt

We have several airport and in-city car rental branches throughout Romania, making it easy for you to pick up your rental car, whether you will be arriving in Bucharest, Constanta, Oradea or another city. Having access to your own vehicle abroad is a wonderful way to explore a foreign country at your own pace, without being bound by public transport schedules and routes. With Sixt car rental service in Romania, any vacation becomes an adventure.

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Driving Rules and Regulations in Romania

Whenever you're planning to use car rental services in a foreign country, including Romania, Sixt rent a car recommends that you familiarize yourself with the specific traffic rules in that country, because they may slightly differ from those you've been used to:

  • In Romania, traffic moves on the right.
    • The wearing of front and rear seat belts is mandatory if fitted.
      • Children under 12 are prohibited from riding in the front seat unless it is a two-seater vehicle.
        • The speed limits range from 31 to 74 mph, depending on the kind of road you are driving on.
        It is prohibited to drive a dirty car.

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        Using Your Car rental in Romania

        Romania is home to numerous natural and historical attractions that draw tourists in from around the world. From medieval and Renaissance-style castles and fortresses and Byzantine-style monasteries and churches to vast natural parks and warm sand beaches, Romania has an abundant variety of things to see and do for any visitor. When you use Sixt's car rental in Romania, reaching all of Romania's attractions will be a breeze. Rent a car at the Cluj-Napoca Airport, and take a short drive to Lake Fantanele to enjoy swimming and boating. Another great option is to collect your car in Brasov and then visit the famous Bran Castle, where Bram Stoker's legendary Dracula once resided. Other places to visit in Romania include Danube Delta river, the Carpathian ski resorts and the health spa resorts of Wallachia.

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