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Arad Airport

Arad Airport CAR RENTAL

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Calea Aeroportului 4, 310059 Arad


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10:00 - 17:00


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Car Rental in Arad, Romania

Rent a car when flying to Arad, in Romania, to make your travel from the airport much more convenient. Sixt car rental offers a range of vehicles for hire including station wagons, SUVs, vans and cars. Our vehicle fleet contains sports cars such as the BMW 3 and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and larger cars such as the Subaru Forester and Opel Zafira. Whether you're looking for a city car, economy car, cheap car or a stylish sports car, we have a vehicle for you at Sixt. One way to get affordable car rental is to do a price comparison across Sixt services. We offer a Meet & Greet service at the airport, so you will be met by one of our representatives in the Arrivals area. We also offer additional services such as 24 hour pick up, to ensure our car rental service is as convenient as possible.

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About Arad International Airport

If you need car rental and Arad airport is your next flight destination, it is recommended that you book online to save both time and money. Arad International Airport (ARW) is approximately 3km to the west of Arad, in western Romania. As Timisoara Airport is just 60km south of Arad Airport, many people choose to fly there instead. This makes Arad Airport much quieter and only 14,000 passengers per year use the airport. As the airport is small, there are not many options when it comes to car rental. Rent a car from Sixt and you will be guaranteed to have a rental car waiting for you when you arrive.

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Things to See and Do in Arad

Arad has a range of attractions including a vast number of architectural monuments and palaces. Use your car rental to travel to some of the city's finest fortresses and take a guided tour. One fortress worth visiting is Soimos Fortress. Alternatively, rent a car and take a look at the variety of architectural styles present as you travel through the city center. Note the neo-classical architectural design of the Ioan Slavici Classical Theater and the Cenad Palace, the renaissance architecture of the Administrative Palace and the eclecticism of the Neuman Palace. You can also rent a car and travel 30km east of the city to Minis Maderat Vineyard where there are plenty of hiking trails.

On April 10, 1913 the first electrical railway in Eastern Europe was lunched on the Arad Podgoria route.Today, Arad is an important industrial center and transportation hub, as well as home to two universities, a Romanian Orthodox theological seminary, a training school for teachers, and a music conservatory. Churches and cathedrals in the city span four centuries, several denominations, and architectural styles ranging from baroque to neoclassic.

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Top Five Things to do in Arad

  • Take a trip to City center.
  • Enjoy some time with the kids at the Old ater Tower (1896) being restored as a museum.
  • Enjoy a long hike in the Minis Maderat Vineyard.
  • Take a trip to Lipova Town & Spa.
  • Take a guided tour around Soimos Fortress.