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Car Rental in Iceland

With a SIXT car rental in Iceland, you’ll have endless opportunities to explore the country in comfort and style. Our large fleet includes a wide variety of makes and models, so you’ll be able to find something that fits both your needs and your budget. Our conveniently located branches, such as in Reykjavik and Keflavik, make it easy to pick up your car rental in Iceland and hit the road. Check out our fuel-efficient station wagons if you’re planning to explore Reykjavik, or one of our SUVs if you’re traveling with the whole family. No matter what kind of vehicle you need when you rent a car in Iceland, we can accommodate you. 

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SIXT services in Iceland

Our large fleet consisting of premium and luxury vehicles at affordable prices makes it easy for you to choose what you want. Select from roomy station wagons or SUVs that are well suited for a camping trip. Larger groups can book a passenger van. Keep in mind you can also customize your rental car in Iceland with bookable add-ons such as GPS navigation, child seats and an additional driver. Whether you need a weekend rental or a long-term rental, we have you covered.  

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Good to know when you’re visiting Iceland

Documents you need to rent a car in Iceland

 All drivers need a valid driver’s license held for at least 1 year, plus an ID or passport. International renters with a license using a non-Roman alphabet like Arabic will also need an international driving permit. 

Car rental under 25 in Iceland

You will need to be at least 20 with a license held for at least 1 year to drive a SIXT rental in Iceland. Some car categories have a higher minimum rental age, and an underage driver fee applies to those under 25. 

One-way car rental in Iceland

You can rent between SIXT stations in Reykjavik free of charge. Other one-way rentals in Iceland are allowed depending on the rental rate. 

Accepted payment methods

You can pay with all major credit cards in the renter’s name, but not debit or prepaid cards. Cash payment is also not accepted. 

Flexible rental options

Select the flexibility option when booking and change or cancel your reservation free of charge. 

Driving tips for Iceland

Driving in Iceland can be treacherous. It’s recommended to book a vehicle with all-wheel drive and avoid certain roads that are rough or impassable due to snow or ice. You are allowed to take your SIXT rental on local ferries from the mainland to the islands, except the ferry from Seyðisfjörður. 

Best places to visit in Iceland

  • The Blue Lagoon: This is Iceland’s most famous attraction. Located just outside of Reykjavik, these geothermal pools are blue because of their rich mineral content. Soak in the baths and experience their natural healing powers for yourself.  
  • Myrdalsjokull Glacier Park: Explore the ridges of the Katla caldera by taking a guided tour of this beautiful park. Covered in ice all year round, these hikes are for the most adventurous travelers. Be sure not to miss the Fimmvorduhals Pass and Eyjafjallajokull.  
  • Reykjavik: The capital of Iceland is certainly worth a visit. With the beautiful surrounding landscape and the charming downtown, Reykjavik has a personality all its own. Head to the glass dome, Perlan, to see the Wonders of Iceland exhibit and get great city views. 

Summer in Iceland

Temperatures in Iceland in summer are still mild, reaching only about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. As the temperatures are pleasant, this is the best time to visit the glaciers. Head to Myrdalsjokull Glacier Park for a guided tour of the ice fields. This is also the best time to see the puffins. Just venture a short distance from downtown Reykjavik and you’ll encounter the largest puffin colony in the world.  


Lori P.

Excellent service and vehicles! I will use them again upon my return to this beautiful country!


Me and my girlfriend went on a vacation to Iceland between 2nd and 12th of September. We rented a blu Dacia Duster. Over all, to make this short, we had a great experience renting, using and returning this gravel-road-friendly car. ♥ We did 3400km on roads and gravel roads. We got the car totaly dirty. We busted the licence plate a little, but at inspection they said it doesnt matter and the didnt charge anything for it. After few days after returning the car the wrote me a mail, that we crossed a tunel (which is true) and they were sent a bill for that (i think it was 2900ISK) that they charged us afterwards, which is only fair. So over all we were absolutly satisfied with their service and them being fair and informative. :)

Only issue was wright at the beginning when we were waiting for pick up at the arirport. We waited around an hour for pick up, which wasnt to much of an issue for us. But apart from this we were very very sattisfied with the car and overa all service :)

From my experience I would recommend using SixT and especialy 4x4 cars when in Iceland ;)

Emmanuel P.

When we were waiting in line to pick up our car, we were scared as we heard 2 Americans travelers being asked to pay an extra 400 Euros or maybe it was 800 Euros. They asked to speak to a manager and it seems he came up with a solution that they seemed happy about. My guest is that they though the limit was 400 miles and not 400 KM.


My experience was good. We booked for a Renault Capture or similar and we had a Corolla 2022 Hybrid. The car had 2 very light scratches that were already identified. They however didn't identify 2 light stains found on 2 seats.


They was not much preasure to upsell us to take the insurance. We did ended up taking the unlimited millage option which turned out to be useless as we drove 400 KM (I guess the preasure came from the story of these 2 travelers and a mistake in our planing).


On the return, they will carefully inspect the car, specially the windshield (which is the only thing we forgot to inspect on pickup).


I would return to this location again and I highly recommand a hybrid car. We had a fuel consumption of only 4.5L and we filled for only 20L which ended up coasting about 65$ CAD (about 3.25$ CAD /L). Don't be cheap and pay the extra for a hybrid.

Hugues M.

Thanks to the Sixt team and especially James!

We had a very good experience: process to take the car was smooth and diligent. James was very nice and gave us very good advice for our roadtrip. Their offer (rental of a Toyota CHR) was also very good, especially given the current high prices in Iceland.

Much appreciated team, thanks a lot.

Peter P.

very good advice from the agent, good deal to get an upgrade and a very smooth return with the premium service

Rusty D.

As one of our first experiences in Iceland was getting a rental, Sixt was fantastic. We were in and out in less than 15 minutes and headed out on an Icelandic adventure. Our contact Nadia really knew what she was doing and made the process easy and stress free! Just make sure you follow all the directions and everything will be great! Management does a great job keeping the vehicles clean and orderly and the employees seem to enjoy working for them! Definitely will be using them again.

Jacek O.

Brilliant service! Very professional agents. All was clearly explained and we were on the road in no time. Mr Kietlinski even gave us some tips to how to see the erupting volcano when we only had 7 hours to do it before our flight! Thank you so much for the free upgrade as well!

Andy C.

Five Star service. Great clean cars . And I am most grateful they were able to help drop me off to the Terminal when the rude airport transit driver didn't stop the bus. Needless to say it was an personal emergency and quite rushed. Will go with these guys again .

Thierry B.

We had a great experience with Sixt and our contact James in Iceland, Keflavik Airport. We had a brand new MG SUV for 9 days and the instructions for the whole island (we did the ring road, total 2‘400km) have been very helpful. James gave us all tipps and tricks. Dont drive too fast as of hefty fines and many sheeps and other wildlife. Where parking has to be paid and how to handle the Akuyeri tunnel. All in all it was a perfect start to some really awesome and very adventurous holidays. The whole process was very easy and fast and with the coverage and insurance highlighted by James we just could relax and enjoy the crazy nature and breathtaking roads and highways of the ring road.

Sally C.

I have not read the comment before I book with Sixt and just realise there were so many bad reviews for them. To be honest, my experience with them are always fine including this time. The staffs English level are not the best but okay and understandable. They are very patient and explain different insurance coverage. I always buy full insurance and this time particular with wind screen and sand protection because the road condition in Iceland. That is why I do not need to check the car when I drove them out and when I return the car because they are fully cover. I also will choose the unlimited milage so you can have more flexibility when planning your trip.


There is a gas station right next to Sixt, you can fill up your tank before you return the car which is really convenience.


The only downside is they are not located inside the airport, you need to take the shuttle bus to their outlet. If you are not travelling with lots of luggage you can walk to their outlet which needs around 7 mins walk. Not that bad at all.


I like these guys. Probably will stick with them on any future trips to Iceland.

Bodor A.

Very good service! I recommend, very professional agent's. Clean and very well maintained car's.

Jorge O.

Great service. Good quality cars. Recommend.

Florian N.

Fabulous service by Grzegorz! Received a nice upgrade as Sixt Platinum member. Recommended branch!



Because I have now read previous, negative comments...


The English skills of the branch employees are fine - no communication issues there.

Yes, SIXT (and other rental car companies) advise to get insurance for sand/gravel - so check with your credit card company if they cover this already. SIXT did explain all insurances but at no point pressure me to buy insurance that I already have.

They do have offers with kilometres restrictions and without. So be careful what you book. I have booked without restrictions, and everything was fine.

The car I received was an upgrade, in perfect condition and had about 7800km on the clock. I suggest to clean the car before you return it - A) good manners (you do flush the toilet before you checkout a hotel, don't you?) and B) you can spot scratches/dents easier that way and possibly avoid discussions. Many petrol stations do have water hoses free of charge, so this should make things easy.

And a general advice for the big rental car companies / hotel chains: book directly through their official channels

phyllis b.

Rep was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful in getting to our hotel.

Donna L.

While it took a while to get our car, it was made worthwhile. Our Toyota Yaris got us around all the sites we wanted to see in an economical fashion. The return trip was efficient and troublefree.

Marcel S.

Returned our SUV today after a Road Trip and got a free drive with the luggage back to the Airport. Everything was fine and charged as aspected. Thanks to Jersey, very friendly employeer!

Emanuel V.

Everything was really good. They were so kind and clear. They help us to understand everything about the rent and about our car, with a lot of patience. The price was clear and fair. I suggest to everyone to rent here a car, if you need it

Clement L.

Rented a car for over a week. Pickup and drop off was very smooth and had no issues. During drop off we were served by Jersey who was very kind and even drove us back to the airport terminal with all our luggage! Would recommend.

Why rent with Sixt?

Why rent with Sixt?
  • New cars - on average 3 months old
  • Premium fleet of german cars
  • Car rental made quick and easy
  • Unlimited miles on standard vehicles
  • Free cancellation when you pay on arrival
  • Friendly 24/7 customer service

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