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Car rental with prepaid tolls

Does SIXT offer prepaid tolls?

No matter which state you are renting in, SIXT offers a variety of different toll services for your convenience. Just ask our staff when you pick up your rental at the branch. 

What types of toll packages can I add?

  • Express Tolls Unlimited: offers unlimited use of automated toll lanes at no cost and waives administrative fees. Note: our toll service does not cover toll roads that only accept cash.
  • General Toll Service: only available in the Northeast US, waives the administrative fee on the tolls. You are invoiced only for the cost of the tolls the vehicle went through during your rental.

What happens if I go through a toll and I don’t have any toll packages on my rental?

If you choose to not take advantage of our Toll Packages, you will be billed for the cost of every toll the vehicle went through for the rental period, as well as a per-toll administrative fee of $5.

I didn’t reserve a toll package before pick-up but just drove through a toll with my rental vehicle. Can I add toll service on during my rental?

Toll packages may be added and removed at any point prior to drop-off of the vehicle. Please keep in mind that the toll package must be applied to every day of the rental—we cannot add toll service for specific dates during the rental. If you choose to remove the toll package from your open rental agreement, you will be responsible for the cost of every toll you go through during the rental as well as the per-toll administrative fee.

I booked Express Tolls Unlimited but my rental doesn’t have a toll transponder. What should I do?

If the vehicle does not have a transponder inside, the tolls will be billed to the license plate of your rental vehicle. Don’t worry, you will not be charged for the tolls even if you don’t see the transponder in the vehicle. 
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