Weekly Car Rental
Long term rental offer

The longer you rent, the more you save

With SIXT's great long term car rental deals, renting a car is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to leasing. Choose from a great selection of vehicles ranging from practical economy cars to full-size SUVs and from premium sedans to sporty convertibles. Get huge savings with this limited time offer* when you rent for 28 days or more! 

*Available until December 15th, 2020. The offer is subject to availability and is subject to change without notice.

Weekly Car Rental

Save money with our discounted weekly car rental for you next vacation or business trip. The more days you book, the lower the cost per day will be for your car rental. With SIXT the longer you book the more likely you will get a fantastic deal.




Why Rent a Car For a Week?

  • Explore a new city: add greater flexibility and enjoyment to your travels with a car rental for a week. With plenty of time and added savings you can relax and not rush your trip.
  • Car replacement: with a weekly Sixt car rental untimely breakdowns or accidents don’t have to have such a stressful impact your daily life. Get back on track faster with the convenience of a rent a car.
  • Try before you buy: although many car dealerships offer test drives, you can't really get an idea of how a vehicle model will perform. Why not rent one for a week and have the chance to really test out a vehicle before purchasing.
  • A well deserved treat: experience a premium luxury or convertible rental car for a week as a way to treat yourself to something exciting and special. An exotic car can make any occasion more memorable.

Have an Enjoyable Week with Sixt Rent a Car

SIXT offers affordable upgrades so you can tailor your weekly rental to your needs. Our rent a cars come with unlimited mileage, so you can freely travels with your week car rental. Find out more information about our extra services below.