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The Ultimate Europe Driving Trip

From Big Ben to the Colosseum

One of the most exciting adventures anyone can take is a road trip across Europe. From Big Ben in the heart of London to the ever present Colosseum in the romantic city of Rome, there is much to see and do throughout Europe and there is no better way to experience life in Europe than by a Sixt rental car.



Where is best to start a Europe road trip?

London has much to offer visitors. Catch a glimpse of this beautiful city from the top of the London Eye, enjoy the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, or enjoy a basket of fish and chips or a fried pie at one of the many local pub houses before heading across town to:

  • Westminster Abbey
  • the Parliament building
  • the impressive tower housing Big Ben
  • the Tower of London tour

After enjoying all London has to offer use the Channel or, for those a bit hesitant to drive under the channel, the ferry system is another option.


Head for the beauty and richness of France! 

Take a drive with a Sixt car rental along the coast and visit many World War II sites. Gain perspective of these historic battles from both the Ally and German points of view, and then pay tribute to those that fought to make our world a safer place by visiting the Normandy cemetery and monument.

From there, continue on with driving your Sixt rental car through the countryside to the home of Monet and enjoy the beautiful gardens before heading into the heart of Paris to view his most impressive works of art at the Louvre before heading north through the French countryside toward Germany.


Driving through Germany can be one of the most exciting trips in Europe!

The Black Forest, small, friendly villages around every corner, and the occasional fairytale castle up on a hillside in the Bavarian region make this trip an unforgettable one. A must on any list is a visit to Neuschwanstein castle in the region of Bavaria. The most picture perfect castle in Germany, it is a delight to the senses and well worth the trip.


Everyone who visits Germany must visit Berlin. From the Brandenburg Gate to the remnants of the great wall that once divided this country, Berlin should be on every road trippers must-see list.

Driving with Sixt rent a car through Europe is a great way to not miss a thing

From Germany, road trippers with a hunger for adventure should head south through the Alps of Switzerland to romantic Italy. In this country, all roads lead to Rome. The best drive takes travelers through the heart of the country past the beautiful city of Bologna, through Assisi see the church named for St. Francis, to Florence where visitors can visit the Academy to view the world-famous statue of David and the grandeur of the Duomo before heading into the beautiful city of Rome.

Rome is home to many religious and historical site. From the impressive Roman Forum, the seat of one of the most powerful governments in history to the richness and beauty of St. Peter's square and Vatican City, Rome has a way of capturing the imagination of all who travel here.

The key to a great trip in Europe is to have a plan and remember to relax and enjoy the scenery.

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