SIXT share

Car sharing, bikes, e-mopeds & e-scooters, all in one app

SIXT share knows mobility

With SIXT share, we offer you a variety of mobility services to get from A to B. Simply open the SIXT app on your smartphone and quickly rent a car in Germany and the Netherlands, an electric moped or bike in Germany, or an electric scooter in Germany and France. Choose an available vehicle from the map at any time, day or night. To end the rental, simply park in the business area and lock the car, moped or scooter using the app. 

Always mobile with SIXT share

SIXT share is more than just car sharing, it’s the mobility app for every need

Car sharing

The SIXT share car sharing service is available in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, starting at just 9 cent/minute*, as well as in the Netherlands in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht starting at 19 cent/minute**. Simply rent a car in the app, get in and drive off.

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With the SIXT app you have 24/7 access to thousands of e-scooters in over 50 cities in Germany and 4 cities in France. More destinations are coming soon.

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Feel like you’re on a short vacation in Italy when you rent an e-moped in the SIXT app and cruise around the city.

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Get some fresh air and exercise on one of the bikes offered by SIXT share in Germany.

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How it works

App screen select vehicle EN

1. Choose a means of transportation

Open the "Share" tab in the SIXT app and select how you want to get around: car, e-moped or e-scooter.


2. Find a vehicle

On the map in the SIXT app, you can easily find the nearest vehicles in your area, whether it's a car sharing car, e-moped or e-scooter. Reserve your vehicle with just one click, and it will be saved for you for 15 minutes free of charge. 

Choose vehicle

3. Unlock the vehicle & drive off

Open or unlock the vehicle with just one click in the app and you're ready to go!


4. Flexible mobility

SIXT share offers customized mobility. You decide if you need a car for 5 minutes or up to 27 days, and whether you use the minute rate or book one of the attractive hourly, daily or kilometer packages. Add protection and even reduce your deductible to 0€**. Or forget the car and book an e-moped or e-scooter. 

App screen End rental EN

5. Park & end the rental

Park the car either in the business area or at any SIXT station in Germany (a fee is charged when returning the car to SIXT stations) and easily end the rental in the app. That's it!


Download the App

Download the latest version of the SIXT App.


Register in the SIXT App and upload your data. Your account will be activated within the shortest time. 


Choose your vehicle on the map, unlock it through the app and off you go!

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Endless mobility: The advantages of SIXT share

Always the right vehicle

Whether a compact car, convertible, sedan or van, SIXT share has a range of vehicles from top automakers. Try out new models and choose the right car for your current needs.

Maximum freedom

Our business area covers all of Germany and the Netherlands. Park a SIXT share car within the business area or end the rental at a SIXT station of your choice in Germany or the Netherlands (for a fee).

Vehicles right around the corner

Thanks to our large SIXT fleet and variety of partnerships, your desired vehicle is always nearby.

Flexibility on the go

Decide spontaneously whether the trip should last just a few minutes or up to 27 days. SIXT share offers limitless freedom and hourly, daily or kilometer packages, so you always pay for exactly what you need.

Premium redefined

Always new-model vehicles with the latest features give you a new car feeling with every ride.

Stay mobile while abroad

Use SIXT share while visiting Germany or the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht, a 100% electric fleet is at your disposal. You can find more information here

For the first & last mile: E-mopeds & e-scooters: 

The SIXT app gives you access to thousands of e-mopeds and e-scooters from our partner TIER. Easily rent them in the SIXT app and enjoy the ride!

More questions?

Where is SIXT share available?

You can find SIXT share in Germany, the Netherlands and France. Find out where you operate on the respective service pages or directly in the SIXT app. You only need to register once to use SIXT share services, no matter where you are.

SIXT share in Deutschland  Niederlande und Frankreich

What is SIXT share?

SIXT share offers flexible mobility for the on-the-go lifestyle. Use the minute-based price for shorter trips and our attactive hourly and daily packages for longer journeys. Simply rent a vehicle in one of the SIXT share business areas via your smartphone, get in and drive off. 

How does SIXT share work?

In order to use SIXT share, you always need the latest version of the SIXT App. In the "Share" tab you will see all available vehicles in the business area. You can reserve a vehicle for up to 15 minutes free of charge via the app, unlock it with the app and drive off immediately. End the rental within the business area or outside the area at one of the nationwide SIXT stations throughout your rental country.

* Germany: From €0.09/minute, 1 day package from €69/day. The Netherlands: From €0.19/minute, 1 day package from €85/day. Prices vary depending on time of day and occupancy. The included kilometers vary according to the tariff you choose. Both the minute tariff and the 1-day package include 200 km. The current prices are listed within the SIXT App.
** A financial responsibility of €950 per claim remains. This responsibility can be reduced to €450 (starting at €0.05/min) or €0 (starting at €0.08/min). Please note that the prices for our protection options vary and are dependent on the selected rental rate, vehicle category and the value of the vehicles in those categories. When booking a vehicle in the SIXT app, the correct price for the protection options will be clearly listed. More information.

Download App. Register. Drive.