E-mopeds Sharing in Germany!

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Moped Sharing in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich & Cologne

Hop on, make a stop, drive on: Practical driving fun with flexibility

You can now rent a TIER electric moped, in addition to their popular electric scooters, at any time with just a few clicks in the SIXT app. The mopeds are ideal for shorter distances or if you want to leave your car behind on hot days. Mopeds are the perfect means of transportation for commuters and day trippers. They’re perfect for times when your destination is not near a public transit stop, if you’re running late to meet a friend or if your train is delayed. Get to your destination quickly and have fun along the way.

To rent a moped, locate the nearest one in the SIXT app and complete a quick one-time registration (upload of driver's license (Class B), ID and selfie in the SIXT app) and you’re ready to go. See the many landmarks of the German capital of Berlin, get to work quickly in Hamburg or ride to the English Garden in Munich without spending time looking for parking. An agile all-electric moped is an environmentally friendly, emissions-free way for you to avoid overcrowded or delayed buses and trains. Simply open the SIXT app, find the nearest moped and jet off.


Want to make a quick stopover? No problem!

Making stops along the way to your destination is also possible. You have the option to make a stopover for up to 2 hours. All you have to do is tap the corresponding button in the SIXT app, and your moped is locked and available for you to continue your journey later. Keep in mind that during the rental you can leave the business area, but the moped must be in our business area to end the rental.

Also note that the rental of your TIER moped will automatically end after 4 hours. If you are on the road at that time, the scooter will gradually slow down. To continue you can start a new rental and keep riding.

E-moped Sharing with SIXT in Germany


Test our new service in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich & Cologne!


Download the App

Download the latest version of the SIXT App.


Register in the SIXT App and upload your data. Your account will be activated within the shortest time. 


Choose your vehicle on the map, unlock it through the app and off you go!


illu moped safe

Don‘t forget the helmet, please!

After having unlocked the e-moped via the SIXT app, press the button on the right side of the handlebar to open the trunk. It is mandatory to wear a helmet while riding.

illu moped start  1

Start engine

Put up the kickstand. Squeeze the left break while  simultaneously pushing the “GO” button for 3 seconds.

illu moped driving


Turn the right handle slowly down to accelerate.

illu moped park


You can pause your journey for up to 2 hours both in and out of the business area. Please note that the minute price still applies and that the maximum journey duration incl. pauses is 4 hours.

illu moped lock  1

End the ride & lock e-moped

Please make sure that you leave the moped in a spot that is out of the way. Put down the kickstand and place the helmet back in the trunk. Turn the handlebar to the left. Then tap the end journey button in the app.


How does renting a moped in the SIXT app work?

To rent a TIER moped you’ll need the latest version of the SIXT app. In the "Share" tab, you can see all available electric mopeds and scooters in the business area. You can choose one, start the rental in the app and start riding. During the rental you can go anywhere in the city, but to end the rental you’ll need to be in our business area.

What are the requirements for renting a moped via the SIXT app?

· Be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license.

· Complete registration in the SIXT app as well as the one-time upload of your documents (driver's license, ID, selfie).

· Enter a valid credit card in the SIXT app.

· Wear a helmet.

· Parking / a stopover is possible outside the business area (at the current per-minute rate) for up to 2 hours.

· Rentals can only be ended in the SIXT business area.

· Maximum rental duration: 4 hours including parking. After that, your moped will slow down, and you can start a new rental to continue.

Download App. Register. Drive.