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Everything you need to know about SIXT share.

General FAQs

How many kilometers are included?

  • For SIXT share journeys in Germany, the standard, per minute rates include 200 km for cars with a combustion engine and 50 km for electric cars. In the Netherlands, each journey includes 200 km. When booking an hourly or daily package, the number of included kilometers depends on the selected duration of your package. In this case, the included mileage will be clearly displayed while booking. When finalizing their booking, customers can add a kilometer package if additional mileage is needed. In all cases, once the included mileage has been used, each additional kilometer will cost 0.34€. 
  • Example: You book a 3-hour package which includes 80 km. As a supplement, you have chosen to add a kilometer package for an additional 50 km. This means you can now drive 130 km within the booked 3-hour period. You can find a full overview of our rates on our website.

Requirements & Limitations

Can another person use my SIXT account? Can I go abroad?

Vehicles & rent

When does the rent start? Can I filter by specific models?

Company & Business

Are there company conditions? How do I create a business profile?

My account & registration

How do I edit my personal data? How do I cancel SIXT share?

Parking & Business District

Can I drop the vehicles off in Garching? Can I rent/collect the vehicle at Berlin Tegel Airport?

Protection Option & Damage

How do I report new damage? What is the financial responsibility in the event of an accident?

Refueling & Charging

How do I refuel or charge a SIXT share vehicle? How can I receive a voucher for refueling or charging?


How does the price calculation work? How can I earn free credit at SIXT share?

Payment & Invoice

Is there a deposit? How do I change the billing address on the invoice?