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Do you offer the possibility to pick up / drop off a SIXT share vehicle at the airport?

Yes, you have the possibility to drive from / to selected airports and pick up or drop off the vehicle there. For this service, we will charge you with an additional fee, which varies according to the respective airport. Please find an overview of the prices for pick up / drop off here. 

What do the red areas on the map mean?

The red areas do not belong to the SIXT share business area. Please drop off the vehicle within the business area in order to end the rental. The app will indicate you whether your destination is within this area.

Why do you charge an additional fee at the airport?

We make vehicles available exactly where you expect them to be, which is why you can find SIXT share at selected airports now.
There are extra costs associated with this added convenience because of the high fees charged by airport operators. Therefore, we add a surcharge for pick ups / drop offs of SIXT share vehicles at airports. 

How do I recognize the business area?

Within the SIXT App, you will recognize the limits of the business area from the red line on the map. You won't be able to end the rental outside of this limitation. You will also find the map showing the business area on the respective city information page on this website.


Where can I park with SIXT share?

You can park your vehicle free of charge in any publicly accessible parking space within the business area of a SIXT share city. Our vehicles are equipped with a parking function that replaces a parking ticket. Outside the business areas in SIXT share cities, you must comply with the regulations just like you would with your private vehicle and pay the fees yourself. To park the vehicle during the rental, please use the vehicle key located in the glove department. In all SIXT share cities there may be special parking regulations. Please inform yourself about any special regulations in your city before your journey and familiarize yourself with the overview of the parking rules in Germany or in the Netherlands. In general, all parking guidelines apply according to the local road traffic regulations of your rental country. 

Can I park the vehicle in a residential parking zone?

Feel free to use our vehicles throughout your rental country and park outside the business area. However, to end the rental, we ask you to park the vehicle within the business area. Resident parking zones do NOT belong to the SIXT share business area. Please familiarize yourself with the existing parking rules on the respective city pages on this website. 

Can I park in an area with a parking disc?

Parking in those areas is limited in time. You can temporarily park in those areas, please display the parking disc visibly in the front shield of the car. Ending the rental is not permitted in these areas.

How can I park my SIXT share car in a participating APCOA parking garage?

You can use contactless entry and exit to park your SIXT share car in one of the participating APCOA parking garages. The barrier opens automatically as soon as you approach by car. Please park exclusively in the parking spaces marked with "Urban Hub". At Urban Hubs you can end your trip, make a stopover or rent a car. Please note that driving in the parking facility is only allowed at walking pace and with the utmost caution. Driving on pedestrian footpaths is prohibited. Stairwells, escape routes, ramps, entrances and exits must be kept clear at all times. Best of all: As part of our new cooperation with APCOA, you can park free of charge in their participating parking garages.

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