Car Sharing FAQs - Refueling & Charging


How do I refuel a SIXT share vehicle?

The refueling process is very easy:  

  • Find a SHELL partner fuel station in the SIXT App. 
  • Choose a pump in the app BEFORE starting to refuel. 
  • Refuel and wait for the app to confirm the refueling process is complete. 
  • Get in and drive off, billing and payment is taken care of automatically.

What happens if I don't refuel at a partner fuel station?

Vehicles must be refueled at one of our SHELL partner fuel stations. If you had to refuel at another station, please reach out to our customer service. 

Where can I refuel the vehicles?

Refuel at any of our partner SHELL fuel stations. You can refuel the SIXT share vehicles anytime, quickly and free of charge.


How do I charge an electric SIXT share vehicle?

To charge one of our electric vehicles, please proceed as follows: 

  • Find a charging station with the help of the SIXT app.
  • Plug in the charging cable.
  • Choose a charging port in the SIXT app, please verify the correct port name.
  • Wait for the app to confirm that the charging process has started successfully. Choose, whether you'd like to end your rental or if you'd like to continue it. Please note, that rentals can only be ended at a charging station located within the business area.
  • That's all, you're done. Payment for charging is taken care of automatically. 

Is it possible to stop to charge and continue my journey with the same vehicle afterwards?

Yes, it's possible to charge the car and continue the rental. Simply proceed to a charging station indicated in the app and start the charging process. Do not end the rental, as our electric cars will only be available again via the app once they are fully charged. During the charging process, the rental will continue and you'll be charged the minute price indicated in the app when you reserved the vehicle. 

I plugged in a vehicle at a charging port recently and would like to rent it again, but I can't see it in the app anymore. What happened?

Once the charging process has started, the vehicle will only be visible and available in the app again once it's fully charged. If you are planning a short stopover and want to continue your journey, please do not end your rental during the charging process. This allows you the flexibility to continue your journey at any time, regardless of the state of charge. Furthermore, we reward you for charging the vehicle with a voucher for a future rental, you'll receive 1€ per 10% difference of the charging level. The voucher is issued automatically after the end of the rental if there is a difference of at least 10%. Percentages are always rounded off.  

How do I find a charging point?

Simply open the SIXT app and click on "Charge" in order to see all partner charging stations. Let the SIXT app guide you to the charging station. 

How do I plug in the charging cable?

The SIXT app will guide you through the charging process. You'll find a short explanation of the different steps when you launch the charging process within the app for the first time. The charging cable is located in the trunk. According to the car model, the app will tell you where to connect the cable to the vehicle, then you simply plug one end into the vehicle and the other into the charging port. The user manual is located in the glove compartment, if necessary. Please wait until the SIXT app confirms that the charging process has started successfully. 

According to the app, the car is not charging. What should I do?

Please verify the following:

  • the car is plugged into the correct charging point
  • the cable is connected to the car and charging port correctly

Try to launch the charging process again within the app. If the problem presists, change the charging port. 

I'd like to rent an electric car that is currently plugged into a charging port. What should I do?

To rent the electric vehicle, simply start the rental within the SIXT App as usual and unlock the vehicle. Then, click on "End Charging" and let the app guide you through the process. Release the cable from the charging port and from the vehicle and put it back into the trunk of the car. Don't be afraid to pull the cable strongly to release it. Please note the user manual is located in the glove compartment of the vehicle, if necessary. 

Refueling & Charging Voucher

Do I receive a voucher if I refuel or charge a SIXT share car?

Yes, we reward you with a voucher for a future rental if you refuel or charge one of our vehicles. You will receive 1€ per 10%*  difference in fuel / charging level. The fuel / charge level at the start of the rental and after the end of the rental is decisive for calculating the difference if the refueling / charging is started and ended during the rental. The voucher is issued automatically after the end of the rental if there is a difference of at least 10%. Percentages are always rounded off. Validity up to 3 years after the date of issue.
Applicable for electric vehicles: In case the rental is ended once the vehicle is connected to the charging station, the difference between the charge level at the start of the rental and 100% is calculated. 

Sample calculation: Fuel / charge level at the start of the rental: 36%, Fuel / charge level at the end of the rental: 100%. 100%-36%= 64%. 64% are rounded off to 60%, you'll receive a voucher worth 6€.

*In the Netherlands, you will receive 1€ per 20% difference in charging level.

Why did I not receive a voucher after refueling or charging?

You will receive a voucher if the fuel / charge level at the end of your rental is at least 10% higher than at the start of your rental. If the difference is less than 10%, you won't receive a voucher.

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