Car sharing in Europe

Use SIXT share at home or abroad and enjoy flexible mobility wherever you go

How does car sharing work?

Easily get from Point A to Point B with SIXT share. Our car sharing service is available in Germany (Berlin, Munich and Hamburg) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam , The Hague and Utrecht) , with a range of vehicles available. Spontaneously book a car in the SIXT app starting at only 9 cents/minute* in Germany and at only 19 cents/minute** in the Netherlands. Use the car for as little as 1 minute and up to 27 days. After you choose a car it will be reserved free of charge for 15 minutes. When you get to the vehicle, unlock it in the app with one click and drive away. 

Best of all: The price per minute includes up to 200 km, gas/charing, parking fees, and taxes & protection***.


1. Find a car

Choose a SIXT share vehicle near you using the map, and reserve it for 15 minutes free of charge.

Choose vehicle

2. Open the car & drive off

Use the SIXT app to open the car with one click, then get in and get going.


3. Stay flexible

Use the car for 1 minute or up to 27 days. Book an hourly, daily or kilometer rate, whatever you need.

App screen End rental EN

4. End your journey

Park the car in a SIXT share business area or at a SIXT station and end the rental in the app.


Rent spontaneously and flexibly at any time on any corner. With free-floating car sharing, cars are available everywhere within our business area and parked on the street like private cars. This has the advantage that you can always spontaneously find a free vehicle in the immediate area and rent it in the SIXT app. When you’re done you can simply park the car again anywhere in the business area.

Free-floating Carsharing – Flexible pick-up just around the corner




Flexible and affordable for on the go

Choose the minute rate for shorter trips before you start your journey or book an hourly, daily or kilometer packages if you’ll be on the road for longer. The minute rate includes up to 200 kilometers and all additional costs such as gas or electric charging, comprehensive and theft protection***, maintenance and parking fees. Prices vary depending on the vehicle model, time and place of rental. You can see the current price per minute and the prices for the available packages in the app.


Download the App

Download the latest version of the SIXT App.


Register in the SIXT App and upload your data. Your account will be activated within the shortest time. 


Choose your vehicle on the map, unlock it through the app and off you go!

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The car sharing fleet

Always get the right car for your needs with our premium fleet!

SIXT lets you choose from a variety of vehicle models from a wide range of carmakers. Whether it's a fuel-efficient compact car, a sustainable electric car or a spacious sedan, you'll always find the right model. In the Netherlands our fleet is 100% electric, in Germany one-third of the fleet is electric. 

  • Diverse brands: Our fleet includes a wide range of car manufacturers and models including economy cars, sedans, station wagons and convertibles.
  • Electric vehicles: Drive sustainably with SIXT share, as one third of our fleet is electric vehicles. 
  • Cargo vans: Whether you’re moving or make a spontaneous furniture purchase, with SIXT share you can rent a cargo van at any time without booking in advance.

The Benefits of SIXT share & car sharing


You don't need to worry about extra costs. Taxes, protection, mileage, gas or electric charging and parking are included.


Be flexible with your transportation - go there by car and return by bike.

Cheaper than a car purchase

Save money you would have spent on vehicle inspection and taxes, your own parking space and repairs.

The right car for you

Select the model you need, from efficient compact cars to roomy station wagons, and drive in style.

Carsharing in Europe


Free-floating Carsharing – Flexible pick-up just around the corner


Free-floating Carsharing – Flexible pick-up just around the corner


What is car sharing?

Car sharing gives city-dwellers the option to select from available cars and use them for as long as they need, rather than buying a vehicle. SIXT share offers you this service with modern vehicles at a reasonable price*.

Who might benefit from car sharing?

Car sharing is a great option for those who have a driver’s license but don’t have their own car, who drive only occasionally, who need a vehicle spontaneously, who need a reliable way to get to the airport or train station, and more. 

How does car sharing work?

To use SIXT share you’ll need to install the SIXT app on your smartphone and sign up. Then use the app to find available SIXT share cars nearby. Choose a car, book it, and then open the car via the app to start the rental.

What is the cost of car sharing?

SIXT share offers you low-cost car sharing starting at only 9 cents/minute* (Germany) and at only 19 cents/minute**(Netherlands). Our prices are based on supply and demand as well as location, time and car model. Book attractive hourly, daily and kilometer packages if you need to take a longer trip.

* Germany: From €0.09/minute, 1 day package from €69/day. The Netherlands: From €0.19/minute, 1 day package from €85/day. Prices vary depending on time of day and occupancy. The included kilometers vary according to the tariff you choose. Both the minute tariff and the 1-day package include 200 km.
** A financial responsibility of €950 per claim remains. This responsibility can be reduced to €450 (starting at €0.05/min) or €0 (starting at €0.08/min). Please note that the prices for our protection options vary and are dependent on the selected rental rate, vehicle category and the value of the vehicles in those categories. When booking a vehicle in the SIXT app, the correct price for the protection options will be clearly listed. More information.

Download App. Register. Drive.