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From one minute to 27 days

Everything's included

No worries. Unlimited mobility means that everything is included in the price. Just get in and drive!

Taxes & Protection

All taxes and loss damage waiver are included**.


Start your journey at any time! Every journey has 200 kilometers included in the price. Longer journeys are possible for an additional fee.


Electric charging is included in the price. Recharge one of our SIXT share cars to receive a voucher for one of your upcoming trips. The app will guide you to a charging station and help you through the recharging process.


Naturally, we take care of the parking costs on public parking places within the business area.

Base Rate

from € 0.19 | minute*
With our minute-based price, you pay from €0.19/minute*.
Daily Rate
from € 85 | day*
Use our attractive packages for longer trips.

Standard Rates

Minute rate from €0.19*
Additional kilometer (>200 km) €0.39/km


Car categories: 3 hours (incl. 80 km) 6 hours (incl. 120 km)
Price category 1 from € 35 from € 49
Price category 2 from € 39 from € 55
Price category 3 from € 39 from € 55


Car categories: 1 day (incl. 200 km) 2 days (incl. 300 km) 3 days (incl. 400 km) 7 days (incl. 600 km)
Price category 1 from € 85 from € 129 from € 179 from € 379
Price category 2 from € 85 from € 129 from € 179 from € 379
Price category 3 from € 89 from € 135 from € 195 from € 399

¹The price varies depending on the chosen car category and will be displayed in the app at the time of reservation. Selected packages can be changed during the reservation process. The duration of the package begins when you start your journey, i.e. when you click on "Open vehicle" in the SIXT App. Changing or cancelling the booked package is no longer possible after the start of the journey, i.e. after clicking on "Open vehicle". If you continue the rental once the booked package has expired, you will be charged a minute price of €0.28/minute, regardless of the car model.

> Are you arriving at the airport and in need of a SIXT share for only one business day? Check out our special 12 hourly package at Schiphol airport.

Kilometer packages²

Kilometers Package price
50 km € 16
100 km € 33
150 km € 48
250 km € 80
500 km € 155
750 km € 225
1000 km € 300

²Kilometer packages are only valid during your booked period of time (i.e. minute based booking or hourly/daily package). Any unused mileage will expire at the end of your journey and cannot be transferred to subsequent journeys.

Other Rates & Credits

Registration fee until 30.06.2023 €0
Registration fee €29
Reservervation 15 min. free
Extended reservation from €0.13/minute, up to max. 12 hours
Overnight reservation Sunday - Thursday for free between 10 PM - 6 AM
Deposit (blocked security deposit) When using minute based price: min. 30€
When using hourly, daily or kilometer package: amount of the expected fee of the booked packages + buffer amount as a security deposit, if this fee is exceeded.
SIXT station drop-off €15***
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport pickup / drop-off €9
Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena drop-off €3
Rotterdam The Hague Airport pickup / drop-off €9
Drop-off fee journeys between Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam €5
Processing administrative offence €30
Third party towing fees based on third party rates
Charging €1 per 20% battery level difference****
Unauthorized account usage €150
Unauthorized travel to foreign countries ***** €250
Unauthorized vehicle drop-off abroad from €250
Unauthorized additional driver €150
Lost / damaged key fee from €298
Key retrieval (if accidentally taken and returned within 48h) €50
Lost charging cable fee €500
Special cleaning (e.g. due to heavy soiling or smoking in vehicle) based on third party rates, from €25
Accident and damage fee 10% of net damage costs, max. €50
Activating vehicle block (e.g. lost property recovery) €25
Service trip to vehicle due to customer fault (e.g. wrong parking) €65
Reminder fee after exceeding first fine payment term €5
Reminder fee after exceeding second fine payment term €15
Charging at an unauthorized charging station €10
Running out of battery €25 excl. towing fee
Battery level at the end of rental < 15 km €25
Sticker removal €75
Third party parking cost based on third party rates
Lost / damaged charging chip €50
€950 financial responsibility per claim included
€450 financial responsibility per claim from €0.05/min
€0 financial responsibility from €0.09/min

*Starting from €0.19/minute, from €85/day. The rates may vary, based on the time and the occupancy rate. Per journey, 200 kilometers of traveling are included.
** A financial responsibility of €950 per claim remains. This responsibility can be reduced to €450 starting at €0.05/min )from €14/day) or €0 starting at €0.09/min (from €22/day). Please note that the prices for our protection options vary and are dependent on the selected rental rate, vehicle category and the value of the vehicles in those categories. The prices shown in the above examples refer to the smallest vehicle category (e.g. Skoda Citigo and Seat e-Mii). When booking a vehicle in the SIXT app, the correct price for the protection options will be clearly listed.
*** Excluding the SIXT branch at the airport, where fee for drop-off at SIXT branch is €27 .
**** Credited for a future journey. To calculate the difference, we consider the charging level at the beginning of the journey and at the end of the journey. Voucher will be credited automatically after the end of the rental if the difference is at least 10%, Percentages will be rounded down. Voucher valid for 1 year starting from issuing date.  
***** Please consult our T&Cs for more information.

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