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Excellent 24/7 Sixt Customer Service

Sixt rent a car - Pay less, expect the best
  • Car rental in over 100 countries

  • World's 5th largest car rental company

  • More than 180,000 vehicles

  • 50,000+ German premium cars

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What our customers say:

Kathryn D. | 02/10/2014

The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Hoa D. | 02/03/2014

Looking forward to seeing you guys again.

Brian M. | 03/02/2014

Excellent staff...very professional and courteous.

Jonathon David L. | 02/16/2014

Your people are great, your prices are very competitive, and I am hooked.

Linda G. | 01/25/2014

I have rented cars from many companies during the last 30 years. The Sixt price and knowledgeable staff were very notable. Thank you!

Horacio Emilio V. | 12/15/2013

The cars are always clean, nice and perfect at delivery!

Henry H. | 02/17/2014

You are the best in the car rental business!

Emily P. | 02/07/2014

I needed a car last minute...the people at Sixt were able to help me. Thanks!

David P. | 01/23/2014

Second time renting at Sixt. The first time was so easy, I thought it was a fluke. The second time was just as easy! Keep it up!

George K. | 01/08/2014

You are the ONLY rental company with current models and CLEAN cars.

Sandra R. | 03/12/2013

Staff was very friendly and professional.

Marliese S. | 02/17/2014

Love renting from you guys, you are the BEST!!

Daniel M. | 02/16/2014

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Daniel L. | 02/16/2014

Everything was perfect.

Michelle A. | 02/15/2014

We were extremely impressed with Sixt and will recommend the company.

Ronald E. | 02/12/2014

Very friendly and helpful staff. No sales pressure. Great prices.

Donald B. | 02/12/2014

I was pleased with your product and your staff. Keep up the good work!

Philip H. | 02/11/2014

It was a very good experience overall. I'm looking forward to using Sixt again in the future!

Julie B. | 02/05/2014

It was a very pleasant experience from start to finish. I got the Mustang I reserved. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

William R. | 02/05/2014

I find that customer service and prices are the most important and Sixt surpassed my expectations. Thank you Sixt.

Frank M. | 05/03/2014

Experience was pleasant and hassle-free. Thank you.

Jason J. | 12/15/2013

Best rental experience I've ever had.

Byron S. | 02/17/2014

Staff was very friendly and efficient. Cars were very nice and an excellent value. 5 stars.

Ann P. | 02/11/2014

Very efficient and courteous representative at check in.

Hussein N. | 02/05/2014

I enjoyed the rental a lot. Thanks again!

David S. | 02/02/2014

Best auto rental I have experienced.

Brian B. | 01/31/2014

Great service, and the quality of the vehicle was A+

Jenifer A. | 02/19/2014

Cheap, fast, and convenient

Ozan D. | 02/19/2014

I am really satisfied with Sixt.

Tessa H. | 02/15/2014

Fair prices, fast and easy service provided by polite staff. Great services!

Anthony M. | 02/13/2014

Super car for a good price.

David S. | 02/12/2014

All good?Very impressed.

Thiago G. | 02/03/2014

Please keep up with the excellent work. Thank you!

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