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  • Steven W. | 21.05.2015 05:02
    4 5
    We ordered a Jeep Grand Cherokee with Satnav which was not available, but the suggested replacement BMWX5 for 150.00 was very acceptable. I would recommend Sixt in the future.
  • Fred R. | 21.05.2015 01:10
    5 5
    The staff was caring,friendly, and professional. Everyone was knowledgeable, respectful, and helpful. So different from other rental companies we have used. The car was clean and perfect and at a fair price. I have already referred by brother to rent from you when he comes to Seattle this week.
  • Robert H. | 21.05.2015 00:39
    5 5
    Great experience great people great car
  • Theodore H. | 21.05.2015 00:15
    5 5
    I was not familiar with SIXT prior to this rental. I was very impressed with the vehicle and the service. I will definitely rent from SIXT again.
  • Gloria H. | 19.05.2015 18:53
    5 5
    The young man at rental desk was very pleasant and nice, he was a great asset to your business.
  • Daniel B. | 18.05.2015 15:52
    5 5
    Very nice people and great vehicle
  • Rupinder V. | 15.05.2015 18:03
    5 5
    It was great experience renting vehicle at Sixt Sea-Tac.
  • Cletis W. | 13.05.2015 14:10
    5 5
    Very good service
  • Krislyn D. | 12.05.2015 19:19
    5 5
    This was the first time I rented a vehicle from Sixt and it will not be the last time. The rental process was quick and easy. My car was fabulous. The return process was fast and straightforward. I was nervous about renting a car from a company I had never used before, but I found that my fears were not warranted. Thank you Sixt!
  • Jarogerick J. | 07.05.2015 14:31
    5 5
    Everything was simple and easy great car selection affordably priced
  • Lauren S. | 05.05.2015 18:55
    5 5
    So far I've had good experiences at Tampa and Seattle airports - the employees are great.
  • Han G. | 04.05.2015 06:01
    5 5
    Sixt gave a so good experience to me. I was very satisfied.
  • Anthony K. | 03.05.2015 14:25
    4 5
    My first time using your Company, I will return.Thanks
  • Viren V. | 03.05.2015 13:16
    5 5
    Good experience.
  • Stuart R. | 02.05.2015 16:38
    5 5
    I prefer to rent high quality, comfortable and safe cars. Sixt provided an excellent selection of German cars which satisfied my preferences.
  • Jean C. | 02.05.2015 14:03
    5 5
    Sweet upgrade at no extra cost is an excellent customer service!!
  • Micheal V. | 01.05.2015 21:43
    5 5
    Car was in amazing condition...very clean,
  • Michael F. | 01.05.2015 13:17
    5 5
    I have never heard of this company before and took a chance renting through them. I am very glad I did. The rental agent was pleasant and gave me a great deal on a BMW M5. Wow was she right on a awesome driving experience. The car was clean and worked perfectly. Check the vehicle in was a breeze. Everyone working at the Sea-Tac...
  • Patricia A. | 30.04.2015 23:49
    5 5
    Good service and everything was quick and easy
  • Susan A. | 30.04.2015 00:12
    5 5
    the staff at Seattle was awesome and professional. my brother left his phone in the car and it was very stressful for us as we live near Boston. the folks there helped recover the phone and are sending it to us. we will always promote your company and will rent exclusively from Sixt whenever possible. you have great people working for...
  • Carl L. | 29.04.2015 20:03
    5 5
    The lady at the counter was very helpful and friendly. I would recommend your company to anyone. Keep up the great service.
  • Gilles A. | 29.04.2015 17:43
    5 5
    good service, easy to pick up, easy to return. Thanks!
  • Ernestine D. | 29.04.2015 16:34
    5 5
    The size Suv was sold out, but the gave a much better one @ the same price! Awesome
  • Jane B. | 29.04.2015 12:59
    5 5
    Excellent people, service, and vehicle
  • Warren P. | 27.04.2015 18:02
    5 5
    This was my first Sixt experience.. hopefully not my last.I was very impressed with the entire service package Sixthad to offer.When will you be servicing the Hawaiian Islands?
  • Kathyl S. | 27.04.2015 02:28
    5 5
    Everything I needed for my trip to Seattle was there with no hassle. Service was excellent!
  • Richard W. | 23.04.2015 18:02
    5 5
    competitive prices, and selection. I like the cars your company offered.
  • Lee F. | 23.04.2015 13:47
    5 5
    Simple and easy from start to finish what else needs to be said?? Except for maybe the high end vehicles that Sixt offers versus their competitors. We will definitely use you guys again.
  • Emily Y. | 23.04.2015 12:56
    5 5
    i got upgraded to a very nice car and really enjoyed it.
  • Ryan K. | 21.04.2015 15:47
    5 5
  • Alan C. | 21.04.2015 10:07
    5 5
    The whole experience was great - so could have ticked all the above
  • Hazem K. | 16.04.2015 16:16
    5 5
    great car love it
  • Johncallaway S. | 16.04.2015 16:10
    5 5
    I decided that if I was going to have to pay $60 a day for a car, I was going to get a nice one. And I did from SixT. I will be back.
  • Paula S. | 14.04.2015 14:45
    5 5
    Great service from beginning to end. Thank you! Very late flight in...Sixth went out of their way to get us on the road quickly. Great car! We'll be back!
  • Bruce J. | 14.04.2015 14:09
    5 5
    Everything went very smoothly. I was in and out quickly. Prices are very competitive. I'll be back.
  • Thomas B. | 08.04.2015 11:54
    5 5
    Very satisfied with the car rental at Sea Tac. The 3 items identified stood out, although all aspects were positive. We got a virtually brand new car at an incredibly good rate. The pick up and return were flawless. Thank you.
  • Inder S. | 02.04.2015 13:55
    5 5
    Available, courteous employees,speedy process.Very helpful.
  • Troy M. | 02.04.2015 11:17
    5 5
    This was my first rental from Sixt. I was impressed with the price compared to other companies. I was also impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff. I will be happy to rent from Sixt again in the future.
  • Dirk J. | 30.03.2015 12:19
    5 5
    Great experience, nice car, and painless. Thanks!
  • Michael P. | 28.03.2015 14:06
    5 5
    I have never rented from Sixt how friendly the employees were.
  • Wayne B. | 27.03.2015 01:35
    5 5
    Best car rental company we have ever used. Will recommend you to all our friend & family
  • Cheryl M. | 27.03.2015 00:14
    5 5
    I found the rates to be very competetive and we were pleasantly surprised with the quality and size of the van. I was a bit apprehensive since we had not rented from Sixt before and honestly I had not even heard of you before so I was willing to take a chance and I was very happy we did. I would definitely rent from you again and...
  • April M. | 26.03.2015 17:43
    5 5
    I had a great experience from you all. Car was wonderful & staff was very helpful. Low Prices for underage drivers was the reason I booked with Sixt and will book again when in Seattle!
  • Tupu P. | 26.03.2015 17:16
    5 5
    I've never even heard of Sixt but I did happen to see the prices were super AWESOME and Too Good to be True!!! The process was smooth sailing. The front desk person was Amazing, Friendly and Professional. Checking in early in the morning was great! Overall, I am glad that I used Sixt and I already refered some of my own family members...
  • Rachel W. | 26.03.2015 15:46
    5 5
    The car was in great condition, and the rate for a week's rental was good. Thank you!
  • Sasha S. | 26.03.2015 13:00
    5 5
    Very happy, will rent from you again.
  • Andrew M. | 26.03.2015 10:48
    5 5
    Superb car - really impressed. New, clean, had a sat nav built in. Everything else in the process was fine and worked out as expected.
  • Rahil M. | 25.03.2015 12:18
    5 5
    Great customer service, quick processing. Had my car in minutes. Free upgrade offered to a nicer car (Camero) which i was appreciative of. Loved the experience, will definitely use sixt again. Should reward members to retain clients.
  • Zahid A. | 23.03.2015 14:58
    5 5
    It was great experience, customer service was outstanding. Very helpful staff at Seattle airport. I am your customer for life.
  • Vincent N. | 22.03.2015 18:08
    5 5
    Rented a minivan (Town&Country) for 5 days. The vehicle was great, well maintained, clean, comfortable for 5 adults with luggage and packed with nice features and options that made the trip and drive very enjoyable. Check out process was a breeze since we had reservations and check in was fast and easy. Customer service was excellent...
  • Anthony C. | 20.03.2015 20:24
    5 5
    Highly recommended. Better than average vehicles at very reasonable prices.
  • Steve M. | 15.03.2015 11:51
    5 5
    Great car, good price.
  • Ted S. | 14.03.2015 16:46
    5 5
    We also rented cars from you in Germany and were very satisfied with your service.
  • Harold L. | 13.03.2015 05:12
    5 5
    Great price, checkout and checkin service, and vehicle -- thank you! It was our first time using Sixt and we will definitely do so again.
  • Vinicius P. | 10.03.2015 13:46
    5 5
    Never was so good attendid, as I had in Seattle, it was the best team I ever saw! Thank you so much, I'm more than happy with the Sixt Seattle (AirPort)!!!Wonderful!!!!
  • Charles C. | 07.03.2015 15:24
    5 5
    The Seattle branch was very efficient and the entire process was the best I've ever experienced in over 30 years of renting vehicles and the price was excellent too. Thank you Sixt!
  • Jenna L. | 06.03.2015 17:02
    5 5
    I had a great experience renting a car from Sixt. Fast and friendly service.
  • Davidj F. | 15.07.2014 13:55
    5 5
    I had the BEST rental experience while renting from SIXT. The process, counter staff, the vehicle how equiped. The staff, how friendly, details on lease terms; vehicle operation when picking up; drop off/ returning, concerns over vehicle operations. The staff was friendly/ professional and won over my admiration. The drop off /...
  • Sunaina R. | 08.07.2014 14:36
    5 5
    Whoever the gentleman on duty was when we picked up the car was SO nice & friendly! His suggestion to upgrade to a new Cadillac for $12/day made driving around really fun on our first trip ever to Seattle.
  • Denise B. | 06.06.2014 17:44
    5 5
    Loved the free upgrade
  • Margaret C. | 06.06.2014 03:06
    5 5
    Hands down your employees were amazing! I Coach a Speech & Debate Club in Colorado and we travel all over the US and rent cars once a month from January to May. Your company went out of its way to accommodate our group. We will only rent from your company unless you are not in the state where we are traveling! Thank you!Maggie...
  • Andre D. | 15.04.2014 13:16
    5 5
    Very nice experience.
  • Herbert M. | 06.03.2014 15:55
    5 5
    The employee in Seattle where the best helpful and and willing to take it to the last mile. Thanks again!
  • Steven H. | 08.02.2014 23:47
    5 5
    Best car rental experience we have ever had - wish you were in Hawaii as wetravel to Big Island from Oahu often & there is terrible rental car service there. You guys are great
  • Richard S. | 05.02.2014 21:22
    5 5
    Every one of Sixt employees were genuinely friendly, helpful, and courteous. For example, when I returned the vehicle, I asked if there were any baggage carts available, expecting to have to go and pay for one. Instead, one young man said, oh there are usually some behind a pillar nearby, and he went and got it for me.The car was a...
  • Estelita A. | 05.02.2014 15:20
    5 5
    I was completely satisfied with my car rental. The price was very reasonable compared to other rental companies. Staff was friendly and efficient. Will definitely rent from your company again.
  • Michael L. | 04.02.2014 17:26
    5 5
    The gentleman at the desk made me feel important and the young lady I that took my car afterwards was friendly. Over all I felt like Sixt wanted me there. Thank you. Don't change a think. If it is not broken, don't fix it. :-)
  • Lawrence S. | 03.02.2014 23:47
    5 5
    the process was easy. The staff at Seatac was very professional and helpful.Definitely a pleasant, first rental!!!
  • John C. | 25.01.2014 17:16
    5 5
    As a recently retired US Government employee, during my 36 year career with NASA, I had occasion to rent many, many automobiles from each major rental car company at many locations across the US. My recent (and first) rental with Sixt exceeded all those others by a huge margin. So much so that it was nearly impossible to limit my...
  • Diane S. | 21.01.2014 19:19
    5 5
    Initially I reserved an ICAR category vehicle - Chevy Cruz or similar. Upon arrival I was informed the vehicle available was a Hyundai. While I realize the vehicles are comparably equipped my vehicle preference based on driving feel is 1. European 2. American 3. Japanese 4. Korean. I expressed this to the customer service...
  • Philip G. | 09.01.2014 19:30
    5 5
    superb customer service following my daughter leaving her kindle in the car.Very impressed
  • Andrew Z. | 08.01.2014 16:15
    5 5
    I have rented from Sixt in Seattle several times and I find the people working there to be exceptionally friendly, professional, and helpful. Cars are cars, your people make the difference.
  • Jeffery H. | 30.12.2013 21:17
    5 5
    Our plane arrived late and my going to the funeral service was within an hour. Our getting the Sixt rental car was fast and quick. We got to the funeral just in time. Big thanks to Sixt for making everything simple and smooth. It was the first time we've used Sixt and since it offered the best price in the field, I can feel...
  • Steve C. | 14.12.2013 20:46
    5 5
    Both pick-up & return went very smoothly. The staff were very helpful and we were delighted to be upgraded to a BMW 328. My wife left her sun glasses in her car (we rented two vehicles) and within an hour of drop-off of the vehicle, we received an e-mail advising that the glasses had been recovered and would be shipped to us....
  • Arlene Z. | 03.12.2013 13:00
    5 5
    The employees are excellent at this location. Nice touch to be offered a bottle of water upon arrival of a long flight.Car was perfect. Everything simplified. I would only use Sixt in the future.
  • Bret F. | 26.11.2013 16:45
    5 5
    1st time using SiXT and will highly recommend and use again. From the counter employees to the vehicle selection and prices. Refreshing to have such an easy professional car rental experience. Thank you
  • Adriaan N. | 24.11.2013 13:35
    5 5
    I have never met a friendlier and helpful staff. absolutely astonishing. first time I rented from Sixt, but you now have a loyal customer. the offer of a refreshment at the Seattle airport counter was a very thoughtful touch. renting and returning were a very pleasant experience, and your staff is very well trained in customer service....
  • Christer S. | 19.11.2013 14:50
    5 5
    Bryan who handled the checkin process was very good, friendly and positive.
  • Joshua K. | 16.11.2013 16:36
    5 5
    I arrived very late at night (after midnight) to pick up my car, and the employee on duty was super friendly, helpful, fast, and efficient. Would definitely rent from Sixt again.
  • Anthony E. | 04.11.2013 14:46
    5 5
    Very clean car! The young attendant [Bryan] at the vehicle pickup area was like a butler at dinner party...professionally automated! Tell him he's doing a great job
  • Gerald W. | 02.11.2013 05:54
    5 5
    Prior to visiting Seattle I had never heard of Sixt. I took a chance based on some quick internet research. Prices were ever so slightly better and more clearly stated than competition. Rental process and return was very efficient. Car was great and employees encountered fast, friendly and helpful. I would rent from Sixt in the...
  • David C A. | 24.10.2013 12:21
    5 5
    First time with Sixt. Outstanding compared to other US rental companies. Great service, great value. Really helped me choosing a suitable car. My booked choice of a Ford Explorer was not available, rather than settle for the same class Hyundai Santa Fe I upgraded to a luxury Chevy Tahoe for very little extra. I had the near new Tahoe...
  • Sean M. | 22.10.2013 16:08
    5 5
    I was only familiar with Sixt from my previous trips to Germany, so I was surprised to find them in the United States. And equally surprised to find that they were an economical option. I hope they expand to many other cities, but I'll rent from them every time I'm in Seattle.
  • Thomas T. | 17.10.2013 11:59
    5 5
    I have already told at least 5 people that live in the Seattle area that they need to look at Sixt the next time they are renting a car. A friend of mine who also rented a car from Sixt in Seattle was from my recommendation. I also liked receiving the free water upon renting the car at the counter. I will definitely check to see if...
  • Carol H. | 14.10.2013 18:09
    5 5
    Wish I was allowed to tick more than 3 reasons for renting from Sixt!! The whole rental, from booking online a few weeks before our holiday to returning the vehicle at the end of the holiday, it was so easy!! Stress free, which was needed after 2 long flights. The staff at the Seattle branch are very efficient and a credit to your...
  • Derrick C. | 14.09.2013 13:24
    5 5
    Alex and Brian at seatac were phenomenal! As a professional in the hospitality industry I must say both went above and beyond providing exceptional customer service. They are what will make the difference for me the next time I choose a rental car company which most likely will be sixt.
  • Michael P. | 02.09.2013 00:44
    5 5
    I was hesitant to rent through you guys due to the bogus reviews online, but that's exactly what they were. BOGUS REVIEWS! Customer service was great from beginning to end and you definitely get what you pay for. Overall experience was an A++ Thanks and see u next time!
  • Nora.Anne D. | 26.08.2013 19:06
    5 5
    All your employees are very friendly, efficient and professional. The are very responsive to any questions or concerns. I would definitely rent again.
  • Paul L. | 26.08.2013 12:41
    5 5
    I was immensely satisfied with Sixt. The price waste right, and the customer service outstanding. I have already been singing praises about Sixt to family, friends and colleagues. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service. By the way, the orange branding and the orange vests on your employees is extremely helpful in locating...
  • Aleta W. | 08.08.2013 01:37
    5 5
    Great service when renting and when returning the vehicle. Got a great car! Friendly, helpful staff. When I returned the vehicle, I was surprised to see the agent in a suit and jacket (very professional) and he helped me with my bags and was able to give me a receipt when I asked. Will definitely rent from SIXT again.
  • Matthew R. | 06.08.2013 01:15
    5 5
    We were very pleased with the vehicle we received, it made our vacation that much more enjoyable! The navigation equipment was so helpful as we were traveling to places we had never been! I would definitely recommend Sixt to everyone as an efficient, professional, and quality car rental company. We will for sure use Sixt again as well!
  • Anton M. | 29.07.2013 17:45
    5 5
    Your employees at Sea-Tac airport are friendly, informative, and exactly who you would want representing your company. This is my first experience using Sixt and I would absolutely make Sixt my first choice in the future for car rentals. Thanks for a great experience from beginning to end.
  • Joshua P. | 28.07.2013 19:47
    5 5
    We had actually booked our car rental with a different rental agency, but the Sixt Rental Agent noted that we were having difficulty locating any of their service reps to check us in. He made phone calls for us, and attempted to assist us without being asked. After waiting over an hour for the other company to show up, we asked him if...
  • Carl A. | 28.07.2013 19:45
    5 5
    After "reserving" a car for a month, we flew cross country only to learn that our car rental had no more cars available(?) and Sixt bailed us out. Though it was a very stressful situation for us, they were relaxed, informed and most helpful even to the point of saving us money!!! Car return was efficient and billing went smoothly....
  • Todd K. | 19.07.2013 12:53
    5 5
    It was my first rental expierence with Sixt and it turned out great. The shuttle to the rental facility was with all the other rental agencies and as I walked passed the agencies and noticed lines of people wanting their turn I was surprised to see the Sixt rental desk was well staffed and moving very efficiently. The rental staff...
  • Celia K. | 08.07.2013 15:43
    5 5
    The easiest, most pleasant car rental experience I've ever had. Felt like company policies and employee behavior is designed around common sense ways to help the customer.
  • Amanda S. | 28.06.2013 12:35
    5 5
    This was my first time renting from Sixt and the experience was great! The staff who checked us in were extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the area...also a great bonus that they gave us bottled water before leaving the counter! The attendant that was there to greet the car when we dropped it off was extremely friendly and...
  • Sandra E. | 22.06.2013 13:42
    5 5
    We rented in SeaTac and both at the beginning and end of our rental process, Janel and Ryan assisted us. Their service was impeccable--Janel was warm, friendly, professional, sense humor--EXCELLENT customer service skills ! Ryan was friendly, efficient, well organized. They both got us in and out quickly and easily. I appreciate...
  • Stuart A. | 14.06.2013 14:55
    5 5
    As a regular visitor to the USA, it was a refreshing change to be treated as a person and not just a face in a queue. Your staff at Seattle were the most efficient and genuinely friendly I have met in a long time. The return process was very good and the one minor fault on the vehicle (slight air loss in one tyre) was noted to be fixed...
  • Beverly H. | 20.05.2013 13:30
    5 5
    I have recommended you to everyone i know who rents vehicles. thank you for a great experience!!
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Travel Tips

Location Details
Address: 3150 South 160th Street
  98188 SeaTac US +1-206-4548255
Location: airport
GDS - Code: SEA
SIXT #: 9225
Opening Hours
Mo. - Su.00:00 - 24:00
Bank holiday00:00 - 24:00

Welcome to the Seattle-Tacoma Int. Airport Sixt rent a car office

Welcome to Sixt rent a car Seattle Airport! I am the branch manager at our location in Seattle Tacoma International Airport car rental center. I am proud to have the opportunity to welcome and serve you with the international Sixt spirit here in the Emerald City of Seattle Washington! We offer a large range of vehicles to rent including vans, SUV, and cheap economy cars. We are also open 24 hours a day so no matter what type of car rentals you need for your Sea-Tac Airport, we have the answer. We are looking forward to providing you our outstanding car service once you land in Seattle-Tacoma airport! Read our customer reviews here!
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( Branch Manager )

Car Rental Seattle Airport (SEA)

Discover why this city is rapidly growing in popularity among tourists. From the famed architecture of the Space Needle to the lush and natural surrounding, Seattle offers so many wonderful sights you will want to guarantee you see them all. This is where Sixt rental car Seattle Airport comes in! Stop by our Seattle Tacoma airport car rental location to ensure that you can visit all of the great sights, including the original Starbucks Coffee Shop location and the new Ferris Wheel on the Pier. During your visit to Seattle, parking is readily available at public parking lots and garages making it easy to visit the Piers and even Pike Place Market. If you're in more of a road trip mood, then a long term car rental in Seattle traveling from our Sixt car rental airport location, is an easy and scenic drive to Vancouver, Canada. With 24/7 opening hours, you are able to pick up and return your rental car anytime at your convenience. Sixt wishes you a great trip in the Pacific Northwest!

Sixt Car Rental at Seattle International Airport

Sixt is now located in the Sea Tac International Airport car rental center. When you rent a car in the Seattle airport from Sixt, you can expect cheap rates that come with unlimited mileage, and the latest make and model for all vehicles. Sixt Seattle car service airport makes a promise that your vehicle will not be older than six months. Sixt offers a wide range of vehicles designed to accommodate the needs of all drivers that require a car rental. Our SeaTac rental cars available at our airport location include vehicles such as:

  • -Hyundai Accent
  • -Chevrolet Cruze
  • -SUVS such as the Ford Explorer, Ford Expedition and Jeep Liberty
  • -convertibles like the Ford Mustang and VW Eos Convertible
In addition, Sixt rent a car SeaTac offers luxury rental cars such as several models of Mercedes Benz. For those requiring a van for their Sea-Tac car rentals, Sixt has Ford Flex vans and Ford E-350 Club Wagons in their fleet. The next time you need a car rental to get around, Sixt rental car SeaTac has the best options available. Check our best deals page to see which discounts you can take advantage of! The Sixt SeaTac Airport rental car location has cheery and professional staff that are waiting to serve you in every way possible for your car rental deals in Seattle.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

Travelers looking for a truly unique destination can easily start from Sixt at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. Located in the vast northwest landscape, the SeaTac Airport is a quick drive to the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts and the famed Chihuly Bridge of Glass, a 500 foot pedestrian bridge boasting crystal towers and Chihuly glass installations As one of the most romantic attractions in the Seattle-Tacoma area, the Chihuly Bridge of Glass has become a popular place for weddings and other special events. Seattle is also the home to several fascinating museums such as the Museum of Flight, Museum of History & Industry, EMP Museum, Chihuly Garden with Glass Art Museum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center.

Travelers accompanied by children can find distraction at the Children's Museum of Tacoma, which has a series of hands-on exhibits and art studios targeted at children aged 8 and under. Other major attractions in the area include the Space Needle, the Columbia Center Sky View Observatory, Washington Park Arboretum, Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park and the Woodland Park Zoo. After picking up your car from Sixt SeaTAC rental car, you might also want to enjoy a road trip to the impressive Mount Rainier.

Outdoor enthusiasts should definitely consider a convertible when choosing from our car rental SeaTac fleet for their travel to the amazing Olympic National Park. This wonderful park features incredible scenic drives such as Hurricane Ridge and the Olympic Peninsula Loop Drive and Highway 101. Visitors to the park can also enjoy the coast line at Rialto Beach, Ruby Beach and Shi Shi Beach.

When you visit Sixt car rental SeaTac or Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, be certain to ask at the counter for a map of the area so that you can quickly be on your way to your exciting destination in Seattle!

See all of our car rental locations in Washington State!

Location details

Opening Hours

Mo. - Su.00:00 - 24:00
Bank holiday00:00 - 24:00

Contacts / Lost & Found

SIXT # Seattle-Tacoma Int. Airport SEA 3150 South 160th Street 98188 SeaTac 47.460246, -122.294962 +1-206-4548255 +1-206-3742296

SIXT # Seattle-Tacoma Int. Airport SEA

3150 South 160th Street
98188 SeaTac
Phone no. +1-206-4548255
Fax +1-206-3742296

Location plan - how to find us

Your way to Sixt:

The Sixt branch is located in the Rental Car Facility. Shuttle busses leave the Airport North and South baggage claims every 5-15 minutes. Shuttle busses will drop you off on the 5th floor of the facility. Our rental counter is at the far left side of the floor.

From Downtown Seattle (via Interstate 5):

Take I-5 south to exit 154B/SR 518 west. Take the Sea-Tac Airport exit and follow the signs for Rental Car Return to International Blvd / SR 99 south. Follow the Rental Car Return signs to the right hand entrance into the rental car facility.

From Seattle / Burien (via State Route 509/State Route 518):

From Seattle, take SR 99 south to the First Avenue South Bridge (which becomes SR 509). Follow SR 509 south to the SR 518 exit (Burien/Sea-Tac Airport). Take the Sea-Tac Airport exit and follow the signs for Air Cargo Rd. Take the Air Cargo Rd exit. Turn right on S 170th St, then left on Air Cargo Rd, then left on S 160th St. Follow the Rental Car Return signs to the left hand entrance into the rental car facility.

From Downtown Tacoma (via Interstate 5):

Take I-5 north to exit 154A/SR 518 west. Take the Sea-Tac Airport exit and follow the signs for Rental Car Return to International Blvd / SR 99 south. Follow the Rental Car Return signs to the right hand entrance into the rental car facility.

From Downtown Bellevue (via Interstate 405):

Take I-405 south. Merge with SR 518 west toward Burien. Take the Sea-Tac Airport exit and follow the signs for Rental Car Return to International Blvd / SR 99 south. Follow the Rental Car Return signs to the right hand entrance into the rental car facility.

Download location map

Categories and services at this location

  • Compact Cars & Sedans
  • Sports cars & convertibles
  • 4x4 / SUV
  • Select vehicle for pick-up using iPhone