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  • William B. | 07.04.2015 08:15
    5 5
    A pleasure to deal with a professional company. The car, whilst not the exact type expected, was upgraded to the next level. The staff were efficient and friendly. The location details posted on the website were concise and easy to follow. I look forward to renting again from your great company.
  • Christian Ladel Y. | 03.04.2015 03:35
    5 5
    Great overall experience! Can't imagine renting anywhere else...
  • Marcos F. | 02.04.2015 09:44
    5 5
    Excelente experiência de aluguel, sem sombra de dúvidas a melhor e mais eficiente locação de veículos que eu já fiz, parabéns Sixt pelo excelente serviço em todos os aspectos; atendimento, veículos, preço, agilidade na entrega e recepção do veículo.
  • Fabiola P. | 31.03.2015 17:20
    5 5
    En general el mejor servicio que he tenido con la renta de un auto, VOLVO siempre será mi opción con quien sea.De todo lo demás perfecto, el precio, la atención, las unidades, etc!, gracias!!!!sin duda repetiré la experiencia con ustedes.
  • Anthony B. | 31.03.2015 16:59
    5 5
    The price was fairThe car was better than expected (we loved it)The staff were friendly and helpfulOverall a very good experience
  • Chuck S. | 31.03.2015 16:02
    5 5
    Due to my continued positive experience with SIXT I am in the process of movingthe majority of my business to you in the future
  • Marguerite K. | 21.03.2015 15:55
    5 5
    The staff was very nice and polite. We've been upgraded so very satisfied with our car, loved it!. And the return process was very quick and well handled got my receipt by mail within few minutes after the drop of. Overall a very good experience and recommend sixt LAX to rent a car.
  • Cara N. | 20.03.2015 14:25
    5 5
    Great experience start to finish. Look forward to seeing Sixt as an option in more destinations around the U.S.
  • Elisabetta G. | 20.03.2015 06:06
    5 5
    My rental experience was great! The transfer from the airport to sixt was smooth and easy.They give me the car I was expected . The personal was friendly and answered all my questions. No troubles neither at returning the car. I will come back for sure for my next rental.
  • Xiuyan X. | 19.03.2015 14:49
    5 5
    the employees are friendly and return process was quick
  • Eduardo E. | 19.03.2015 12:19
    5 5
    Funcionária que fez o atendimento foi muito simpática e prestativaCarro excelente e bem limpoSem problemas na locação e devolução do veiculo
  • Erika T. | 19.03.2015 02:02
    4 5
    The service is very good, the employee are very responsable and give me the attention when I had doubts.
  • Angel H. | 15.03.2015 16:19
    5 5
  • Steve W. | 13.03.2015 17:45
    5 5
    Great experience overall
  • Joseph T. | 12.03.2015 13:19
    5 5
    I was very hesitant to rent from this company especially on an important business trip. However, after reading a few reviews I took the plunge. I got a 2015 Chevy Tahoe. It had 20k miles on it. Interior and exterior was immaculate and looked brand new and was fully loaded, except Nav but who cares, use Waze! Pickup of the vehicle was...
  • Frank L. | 12.03.2015 01:40
    4 5
    Staff very professional, location very attractive inside hotel, quick in & out.
  • Balaji K. | 11.03.2015 12:55
    4 5
    it's really good vehicle maintenance and good prices.
  • Olivia B. | 08.03.2015 11:09
    5 5
    Todo funciono perfecto. Auto limpio, muy comodo y en perfectas condiciones. El personal muy amable y todo muy claro.
  • Daniel S. | 07.03.2015 15:04
    5 5
    It was just a great overall experience, especially since I had never dealt with Sixt in the past. Me and my crew were visiting California for the very first time, and Sixt definitely made it pleasurable.
  • Francisco Javier C. | 06.03.2015 17:09
    5 5
    Es la primera vez que rento en su empresa, excelente servicio, definitivamente es ahora mi primera opcion. Gracias.
  • Carlos N. | 06.03.2015 14:03
    5 5
    I was given an upgrade for the vehicle I had rented as was very satisfied with the results. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I will definitely rent from Sixt again.
  • Yi-Lin C. | 06.03.2015 05:05
    5 5
    This was my first time having a rental car. I was so satisfied about everything and will definitely have rental car from sixt again.
  • Marc C. | 28.02.2015 15:15
    5 5
    This was my first experience with Sixt but will not be my last. Ease, professional, quality, pricing... you named they nailed it. I wish they were in more places so I could use them every trip.
  • Tomás L. | 28.02.2015 12:26
    5 5
    Excelente servicio, los contrataré siempre
  • Gwen L. | 27.02.2015 14:55
    4 5
    I enjoyed driving a BMW 4 Series and liked the selection of cars they had available! Next time I am going to bring less luggage so I can rent the Mercedes SLX Convertible!!!
  • Joseph G. | 26.02.2015 12:00
    5 5
    The pick up at the LAX facility (at the Renaissance Hotel) was the most efficient I have ever experienced. Also one of the cleanest I have ever come across, and the staff were very nice. Similarly, at return the return process was very efficient and the staff were again very nice. A very positive experience.
  • William W. | 23.02.2015 14:57
    5 5
    I was pleased with the expeditious and friendly service. High marks for vehicle cleanliness.
  • Kenneth C. | 23.02.2015 13:52
    5 5
    Glad you sent me this survey. I rent cars often and usually stay with the big names. I was attracted by your fair prices for exceptional vehicles but I will return because your service was extraordinary. Usually the smaller companies are staffed inadequately and the service is amateurish. In LA your people were welcoming and well...
  • Manoel Augusto O. | 23.02.2015 11:42
    5 5
    Todos os funcionários foram muito solícitos e eficientes durante o atendimento.
  • Michael R. | 22.02.2015 14:15
    5 5
    I was traveling w 3 young children by myself. When I dropped the car I expected to have to unload and get on a shuttle. To my surprise I was told that I could keep my kids and luggage in the car and I would be driven to airport. Your employee that drove me was very nice and assisted w luggage. I have told everyone I know about...
  • Randall O. | 22.02.2015 11:26
    5 5
    When I booked the car through a third party, I wasn't sure what to expect. After waiting a while for the shuttle, I started to second guess my choice. As soon as we stepped up to the counter, I was relieved and happy with my choice. When we stepped out into the parking garage, we were blown away. The cars were all luxury brands/models,...
  • Claudio Luis N. | 21.02.2015 18:00
    5 5
    I had a trouble with the car because one of the taillights wasn't working. The company changes my car without any trouble.
  • Jay C. | 21.02.2015 03:54
    5 5
    Very easy to rent from Sixt!
  • Joy U. | 19.02.2015 16:17
    5 5
    i had a great experience renting from SIXT.
  • Kiyomi U. | 15.02.2015 22:39
    5 5
    Would definitely rent from sixt again. Loved the selection of cars.
  • Dennis L. | 15.02.2015 14:20
    5 5
    It easy to obtained the car and easy to return it. The car was wonderful and we will book you again the next year when we come to california..
  • Yu W. | 14.02.2015 18:13
    5 5
    I cannot satisfy with the rental experience more! Next time I will certainly consider SixT as my first choice.
  • Mingliang Z. | 11.02.2015 07:13
    5 5
    professional service and flexibility !
  • Meredith D. | 09.02.2015 15:35
    5 5
    First time client, absolute best rental experience of my life - cars, service time etc were great but staff made it outstanding - keep your prices as they are abd I'll never rent anywhere else again!
  • Tsachi C. | 05.02.2015 20:06
    5 5
    Very efficient service
  • Aaronjon M. | 03.02.2015 04:01
    5 5
    Excellent service with no hassles or high pressure sales. It was refreshing. Very pleasant experience and I will likely rent again from Sixt. Staff were great.
  • Linda W. | 02.02.2015 23:29
    5 5
    A very good friend suggested to us, call Sixt Car Rental company. We were very pleased with the service we received and so enjoyed our Mercedes we rented. It was a wonderful experience to drive and our trip was so enjoyable. Many thanks, again.
  • James C. | 02.02.2015 10:52
    5 5
    I received the most personal attention from the first stage of my hire contract with you.My wife, unfortunately, broke her arm whilst on vacation in California and as a result she had difficulty in accessing the BMW 318 vehicle. Your staff at LAX were all superb in their response to our problem and without hesitation resolved the...
  • Aldwin G. | 26.01.2015 12:52
    5 5
    Excellent service from all sixt employees and branches we've met (LAX and Phoenix branches). We had a simple problem of the original car needing to be serviced (oil change) in the middle of our rental period but that was quickly fixed and car was teplaced without any effort. And when we had problems and issues with the size of the...
  • Marcell F. | 25.01.2015 17:38
    5 5
    Excelent. I'll rent again when I come back in my next vacation. Sure!
  • Eric W. | 24.01.2015 21:45
    5 5
    This was my first rental from Sixt. It was great rental experience from start to finish. One thing I never get when renting a car in L.A. is a clean car, except for this time. Will definitely rent from you again.
  • Jimmy J. | 24.01.2015 18:49
    5 5
    Great 1st time experience, issued us a brand new SUV fully loaded & very nice. very affordable prices, Check in & out was very simple & fast. Would definitely recommend
  • Jacob M. | 23.01.2015 16:37
    5 5
    The experience was good from start to finish. The car ran like a champ. Loved the vehicle and the checkout process was fast and efficient.
  • Mendel L. | 23.01.2015 13:43
    5 5
    Everything was nice and the staff very courtious
  • Kendal B. | 22.01.2015 15:29
    5 5
    When the staff saw that we had a larger family with three kids and a lot of luggage they gave us a larger car than we had reserved. Then when we returned they were kind enough to take us to the airport and not make us wait for the shuttle. This was my best experience renting a car ever! I travel regularly so that days a lot. Thank you!
  • James.S S. | 21.01.2015 00:23
    5 5
    I was hesitant using Sixt at first as this was my first rental from them. Once I figured out to take the Renaissance shuttle from LAX to get to their office in the hotel, everything was great. Great staff. Was in quickly and easily received an upgrade given they had no compact cars left. On the road within 10 minutes of arrival at the...
  • David B. | 07.01.2015 16:38
    5 5
    Customer service was very good -- very friendly and helpful employees. Great value as well.
  • Brian K. | 01.01.2015 20:59
    5 5
    Outstanding customer servive. I am now a forever fan and customer going forward. Could not believe we received a ride BACK to the airport while still in my rental car.VERY NICE, VERY NICE
  • Marcu G. | 23.12.2014 20:26
    5 5
    I was surprised that the company drove me to the airport once the drop off was complete meaning I didn't have to take the shuttle bus. (LAX) nice touch.
  • Avraham D. | 30.11.2014 13:24
    5 5
    Great value for money!I choose SIXT because of the price and was very happy to discover and receive a first class service and a vehicle which exceeded my expectations and was in a great condition inside and out.
  • Glen H. | 26.11.2014 00:24
    5 5
    The desk personnel were very friendly and engaging as was the employee that brought me to the car. Overall one of the best experiences I've had with any rental agency. I have been telling all of my friends/coworkers about Sixt and recommending them.
  • Walker A. | 24.11.2014 19:13
    5 5
    I would rate Sixt as the best rental car company that I have ever used. Was very satisfied with all aspects of the rental and would definitely use again. Many thanks, Tina Walker
  • Silvio O. | 26.10.2014 21:28
    5 5
    Great experience renting from Sixt in Los Angeles. Great models to choose and good prices for LDW and SLI.
  • Britt O. | 25.10.2014 17:07
    4 5
    There were issues with the shuttle picking me up from the airport, but the staff took care of me once I got there and made up for the hassle. Very good customer service. They even upgraded my car without me even asking or complaining about the shuttle troubles! They knew they were having difficulties with the shuttle at that time and...
  • Jonathan L. | 24.10.2014 03:37
    5 5
    Was a little nervous as when loading luggage and kids there were some assorted scuffs and scratches seen, I pointed out to staff and they said it was wear and tear and not to worry about them. When returned I again pointed out to lot attendant and he confirmed it was wear and tear. I have rented from other rental companies and this...
  • Omar J. | 23.10.2014 13:26
    4 5
    Friendly helpful staff. Shuttle to holding area was quick and timeous
  • Damian T. | 22.10.2014 00:42
    5 5
    Awesome job... Prices and service were the main reason as to why I'd rent again. Thank you
  • Joselino D. | 18.10.2014 20:35
    4 5
    I m retired and every year have been in the USA and rented car by Hertz, Alamo, Dollar and another companies. Some american companies when have used the credit card for pick up car they has been charged. Using Sixt I know it has worked different. Congratulations Sixt. Go ahead. I will be going back next year. More one time...
  • Ibrahim A. | 15.10.2014 04:32
    5 5
    I will recommend you for all my people I know because I have seen the perfect service and how you do care about your customers. I loved my experience with you.Thanks
  • Ingkae C. | 13.10.2014 22:33
    5 5
    The Audi A4 I got is almost brand new. The car is very comfortable and the price is very good! Will seek cars of Sixt next time when travelling, definitely.
  • John P. | 13.10.2014 13:11
    5 5
    When we rented the car, I told the agent that we might need it for an extra day. We actually did need it for an extra day and were very pleased that the rate remainged the same and we kept the same vehicle. Keep prices competative and we will definitely use Sixt again!
  • Cynthia F. | 11.10.2014 05:46
    5 5
    great experience. Super easy to find...those people online complaining it's too hard are just REAL travel beginners. You just follow the direction listed on the website, clear as day.
  • Pavel D. | 09.10.2014 18:22
    5 5
    wonderful pricing. Staff was friendly. Easy to access vehicle at rooftop as well as return.
  • Henry K. | 06.10.2014 15:44
    5 5
    I got a great vehicle at a great price and I would rent from you again in a heartbeat.
  • William O. | 06.10.2014 13:23
    5 5
    The BMW and competitive pricing, delivered by very friendly folks, made our vacation!!
  • Alfredo A. | 02.10.2014 04:34
    5 5
    Excelente ATENCION y servicio en general.
  • Rafael G. | 01.10.2014 12:26
    5 5
    My wife and I had a great experience with Sixt.It was the smoothest experiences we have had with a car rental.On top of that,we were given the option to upgrade to a BMW convertible coupe just for $15.00/ more a day.We could not believe the low rate we got.We will definitely be booking with Sixt in the future.
  • Allan S. | 01.10.2014 11:14
    4 5
    When pre arranged full size vehicle wasn't available, employees compensated with better vehicle at same price.
  • Debra B. | 30.09.2014 09:45
    5 5
    Well organized everywhere I have rented. Keep up the good experience
  • Robert B. | 28.09.2014 03:01
    5 5
    The staff was very friendly and extremely pleasant. The team is a great asset to your business. They should receive whatever reward program you have in place. Very pleasant experience and they could not do enough to make sure I as the customer was satisfied. Please pass kudos to the team. You can tell they like their job. They are very...
  • Samara M. | 23.09.2014 03:10
    5 5
    Todo muy bien. La flotilla de excelente calidad y buen gusto. Seguro vuelvo a rentar coche en sixt y lo recomendaré
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Location Details
Address: 9620 Airport Blvd
  90045-5402 Los Angeles US +1-855-4712760
Location: airport
GDS - Code: LAX
SIXT #: 40352
Opening Hours
Mo. - Su.00:00 - 24:00
Bank holiday00:00 - 24:00

Welcome to the Los Angeles Intl. Airport Sixt rent a car office

Welcome to Sixt rent a car Los Angeles Airport! My name is Tim and I am the branch manager at our Airport location inside the Renaissance LAX Airport Hotel. My team and I look forward to welcoming you and offering you the best service and a great car to enjoy your trip. We offer a large range of vehicles to rent including premium and luxury cars, vans, SUVs, convertibles and affordable economy cars. We are open 24 hours a day so no matter what type of car rental you need for your trip, just hop onto the Renaissance shuttle bus and come visit us! Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service so that you will hopefully come back soon. Welcome and see you soon at Los Angeles Airport!
( Branch Manager )

Welcome to Los Angeles International Airport

Sixt rent a car now has a rental car location just off LAX Airport in Los Angeles, California. Here, you can find the perfect vehicle for your Los Angeles trip. You will be picked up by the Renaissance Hotel shuttle or Four Points by Sheraton, which will drive you to the location (inside the hotel) just a few minutes away. We offer a wide selection of rental cars at our LAX location, from premium, to convertible, to compact cars. No matter what you choose, Sixt will provide you with the right vehicle at the right price here at Los Angeles Airport.

Sixt in Los Angeles

Sixt Services at Los Angeles Airport

Once you land at LAX you can rest assured that all of your car rental needs will be taken care of by Sixt. In the car rental business for over 100 years, Sixt is always innovating, always finding better ways to serve customers. So when you book a car with us, you will always get great customer service and an excellent vehicle. Our vehicles are not older than 6 months old, so you can drive in a high-quality, safe vehicle while in Los Angeles. If you have ever been to LA, you know how important it is to drive the right vehicle for your short stay or long term car rental in Los Angeles!

About Los Angeles and LAX Airport

LAX is a large airport with 9 passenger terminals, so finding your way around can be a challenge. However, it is extremely easy to get to Sixt. Simply exit the baggage claim area and proceed to the area out front designated for hotel and courtesy shuttles. Look for the blue Renaissance Hotel shuttle, or the Four Points LAX which runs every 15-20 minutes. Los Angeles Airport is located on the coast of California, not far from the city. Some of the top things to do once you've landed in LA are: drive the California coast, visit the famous California wineries, visit Disneyland, or just get some R&R and soak up the sun on one of Southern California's many beaches. No matter how you decide to spend your time in Los Angeles, Sixt is happy to be your car rental company of choice at Los Angeles Airport.

Location details

Opening Hours

Mo. - Su.00:00 - 24:00
Bank holiday00:00 - 24:00

Contacts / Lost & Found

SIXT # Los Angeles Intl. Airport LAX 9620 Airport Blvd 90045-5402 Los Angeles 33.949423, -118.385324 +1-855-4712760 +1-562-3723992

SIXT # Los Angeles Intl. Airport LAX

9620 Airport Blvd
90045-5402 Los Angeles
Phone no. +1-855-4712760
Fax +1-562-3723992

Location plan - how to find us

Branch information:

Sixt Los Angeles Airport is located only three minutes from the Los Angeles Airport (LAX). We partner with the Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel which gives you the great opportunity to stay in an outstanding Hotel and collect and return your Sixt rental car at the same place. Our counter is conveniently located on the first floor inside the Renaissance Hotel. To get to our branch from the airport and to return simply use the Renaissance LAX or Four Points LAX Sheraton courtesy shuttles.

Your way to Sixt:

On the arrivals level take the exit at the baggage claim area. In case you have luggage please collect it before exiting the baggage claim area. Proceed outside on the arrival Level towards the shuttle bus islands in front of each terminal. Our courtesy shuttle will collect you under the red sign which is designated for Hotel and Courtesy shuttles. The Renaissance LAX shuttle bus runs approximately every 15-20 minutes. Please lookout for the light blue shuttle buses displaying Renaissance LAX/Crowne Plaza LAX or Four Points LAX Sheraton on the panel above the windshield and side window. Our Sixt branch is located next to the Hotel check in desk near the Lobby. Welcome!

From 405 Fwy Southbound:

Exit at Florence/Manchester and turn right onto W Manchester Blvd. Proceed for 0.9 miles. Turn left at Airport Blvd and follow for 0.8 miles. You will see the Renaissance Hotel to your left. The entrance for car return is located on the north side of the building, please turn right onto 96th Street and enter the Hotel parking.

From 405 Fwy Northbound:

Exit at Century Blvd/LA Airport and keep right at the fork. Turn left onto W Century Blvd towards LA Airport. Proceed for 1.0 mile. Turn right at Airport Blvd and follow for 0.3 miles. You will spot the Renaissance Hotel to your right. The entrance for car return is located on the north site of the building, please turn right at 96th Street and enter the Hotel parking.

Return information:

Sixt Car Return is located at the parking lot in the Renaissance Hotel, opposite of Budget Rent a Car. The entry is located on the short site of the Hotel at corner Airport Blvd and W 96th Street.

Download location map

Shuttle Info

On the arrivals level take the exit at the baggage claim area. Please proceed to the red sign which is designated for Hotel and Courtesy Shuttles. Lookout for the light blue shuttle buses to Renaissance LAX/Crowne Plaza LAX or Four Points LAX Sheraton, which run appr. every 15-20 minutes to take you to our Sixt branch next to the check in desk inside the Renaissance Hotel LAX.

Categories and services at this location

  • Cars & vehicles
  • Sports cars & convertibles
  • 4x4 / SUV
  • Choose vehicle using iPhone for pick up

More deals from Sixt Los Angeles Intl. Airport

At this station, you can also rent premium vehicles. Are you looking for an exotic car? SIXT luxury cars makes it possible!