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Car rental with prepaid fuel

How does the pre-paid fuel option work?

You can book pre-paid fuel as an add-on to your SIXT car rental either online when making your booking, before picking up the vehicle or at the station. Our pre-paid fuel option gives you the flexibility to return your car on empty. We use local gas station prices in order to calculate the cost of this add-on.  In addition to the added convenience, our customers also receive a discount on gas when choosing this option in advance.  No refunds, however, are given for any unused gas.

What if I don’t add pre-paid fuel to my rental?

Filling up the tank yourself before returning your rental car is always an option. However, if you return your rental car without a full tank, you will be charged for the price of the gas it takes to refill the tank, in addition to a service charge. Selecting our pre-paid gas deal is an easy way to avoid any extra fees.
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