Car Subscription in Seattle from SIXT+

If you’re looking for the perfect car lease alternative, look no further than a SIXT+ car subscription in Seattle. Whether you're taking a road trip to Olympic National Park or want to impress clients, when you have a SIXT+ car subscription, you'll always have quick access to a car. You can also choose the type car that you need for the occasion. Select a spacious sedan, or a minivan if you're transporting a group of people. An SUV might be ideal if you plan to drive on one of the scenic byways such as North Cascades Highway. You can also add extras like GPS when configuring your car subscription. If your circumstances change and you no longer need a car, you can cancel at any time.

With a SIXT+ Car Subscription you are Mobile in 3 Easy Steps

Get started with your monthly SIXT+ car subscription in Seattle in just minutes. Use our website or convenient app to sign up. You'll be asked to select a car category, protection and mileage packages, and any extras you want when registering. Then, choose where and when you'd like to pick up the vehicle. The app will give you a monthly price for your subscription and any packages you've selected. Once the subscription is approved, you can pick up your car and hit the road as soon as the next day.

Why Choose a SIXT+ Car Subscription in Seattle?

Fully customizable

You can adjust your subscription to meet your needs. This includes changing your monthly mileage if you get a promotion and have to drive from Woodinville to Downtown Seattle. You can also switch from a compact sedan to an SUV when you need added space for fishing or hiking equipment.

Like a Short-Term Lease

A SIXT+ car subscription acts like a short-term lease and is a great alternative to the long-term commitment of buying or leasing a car. When you no longer need the subscription, you can just cancel by returning your car to your Seattle SIXT branch.

More Flexible Than Buying or Leasing

When you subscribe to SIXT+ in Seattle, you'll get just one monthly bill that includes protection and extras. It won't require a long-term commitment like with a lease or buying a car, and you can extend your agreement or cancel at any time.