Car Subscription in Orlando from SIXT+

Whether you're a family relocating to Orlando, or a retiree visiting the city for a long period, a car subscription in Orlando is a convenient alternative to purchasing or leasing a vehicle. With SIXT, you can choose from a large fleet with everything from an economy sedan perfect for city driving to a luxury SUV, with plenty of room cargo. One of the greatest benefits of a short-term lease with SIXT is no long-term contracts or hidden fees. You can keep the car for as long as you want and can cancel your subscription at any time with no penalties. 

Simple mobility with a SIXT+ car subscription

Applying for a SIXT+ car subscription in Orlando will take just a few minutes. Simply download the SIXT app or go to our website to answer a few questions. And in a short amount of time you’ll get an email letting you know whether you are approved. There is no pile of paperwork or contracts for you to sign. You can choose your car type, any extras, a mileage package and level of protection. And you can choose a pick-up location in Orlando and when you’ll pick up your vehicle. It’s that simple. 

When is a car subscription in Orlando worthwhile?


If you spend just part of the year in Orlando, a car lease alternative like a SIXT+ car subscription is ideal. You can avoid the added cost or trouble of shipping or driving your car from home. Instead, you can drive a newer vehicle while enjoying your home away from home. 

Temporary vehicle

If your vehicle is damaged and you are looking for a replacement, don't rush into buying something that you might not want. Use’s SIXT's car subscription service and take your time looking for the perfect vehicle.

Business owners

Perhaps you are considering expanding your business to Orlando or are trying to close a deal with clients in Central Florida. Our car subscription service will let you impress your clients with a luxury car while making it convenient for you to get around.

FAQs: Frequently asked Questions about Car Subscription in Orlando

Can someone else drive the car?

Sure. When you register for the SIXT+ car subscription service, be sure to add as many additional drivers as you need. 

I have a car protection policy already. Do I need to add protection to my subscription?

You will need to provide our staff with a copy of the policy and they will review it to make sure that it provides adequate protection.  

How can I customize my car subscription in Orlando?

Along with choosing the type of car, you select other add-ons for your subscription such as GPS, extended mileage or added protection.