Car Subscription in Honolulu from SIXT+

If you’re in the market for convenient and reliable transportation, consider signing up for a SIXT+ car subscription in Honolulu. Our flexible and customizable car lease alternative is perfect for all types of needs, whether it be going to work or traveling for pleasure. You can select what type of vehicle you would like, as well as the level of coverage and mileage package that will be included in your subscription. You are also certain to have a new-model car, with the average age of vehicles in our fleet being around three months. SUVs are convenient for those who would like extra space, such as for sports or beach equipment, while economy sedans are a budget-friendly option. 

With a SIXT+ Car Subscription you are Mobile in 3 Easy Steps

The first step to beginning your short-term lease with SIXT+ is by selecting a pick-up date and location, either through the user-friendly SIXT app or website. We will then confirm this information via email, and you can also access it in the SIXT app. Once you have your vehicle, you can take off while we finalize any remaining details and paperwork. When you’re done, cancel your SIXT+ subscription by bringing the car back to the branch where you picked it up.

When is a car subscription in Honolulu worthwhile?

An Easy Commute

Those that live outside of the city center can benefit from a car subscription in Honolulu as it is a convenient transportation option for work. If you have a business trip or a project that will require you to commute, our subscription service can also come in handy.

The Latest Car Models

Our SIXT+ car subscription service is a great way to have access to new cars without having to select one specific brand. You can be rest assured that our fleet will always contain the newest vehicles available.  

No Piles of Paperwork

When you sign up for our subscription service, you will find that it is user friendly, meaning that you won’t have to deal with unnecessary and complicated paperwork. You will also not be charged unexpected fees, such as for general wear and tear, like with a traditional lease.

FAQs: Frequently asked Questions about Car Subscription in Honolulu

How old do I have to be to take out a SIXT+ car subscription?

To have a SIXT+ car subscription and operate one of our vehicles, customers must be a minimum of 21 years old.  

What is the maximum time I can drive my SIXT+ car?

You can keep your car subscription for however long you like. No matter the duration, your vehicle will be replaced every 12 months.  

What costs can I expect?

Beyond the standard monthly rate, you will be required to pay a one-time enrollment fee, as well as a deposit and any fees and penalties mentioned in the rental agreement.