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SIXT+ Volvo Car Subscription

Luxury and Comfort at a Fair Price

Discover the joys of driving a car without hassle with a Volvo car subscription from SIXT+. Volvo is known for its stylish, luxurious cars outfitted with advanced safety technology. And luckily, with SIXT+ you can drive one without long-term commitment. Our range of Volvo models including sedans with plenty of room for passengers, and SUVs so you have plenty of cargo room. Drive a Volvo S60 or Volvo XC60 for a fixed monthly price and enjoy your commute or driving on the open road.* Your Volvo car subscription includes all maintenance costs, licensing and registration and taxes. You can also choose your insurance and how much mileage you want included, as well as any other extras like an additional driver, for maximum flexibility. 

*Please be aware that SIXT+ cannot guarantee you receive a specific car model. Rather, you will receive a vehicle in the category that you booked.

Your Volvo Car Subscription from SIXT+: Sample Models

Volvo S60
or similar | Premium Sedan (LCAR)
volvo s60 4d schwarz 2020
5 SEATS 4 DOORS Automatic Air conditioning 2 BAGS 2 SUITCASES
or similar | Premium SUV (LWAR)
volvo xc60 4d weiss 2018
5 SEATS 5 DOORS Automatic from 25 years Air conditioning 2 BAGS

Now Available from SIXT+: Quality Models from Volvo

Do you need a premium sedan to make your commute a comfortable one? Look no further than the Volvo S60 full-size sedan. Not only does it have a comfortable cockpit with all of the technology you would expect, but the backseat is also roomy for your passengers. Or are you looking for an SUV with room for your kids and all the latest features to keep them safe? Then the Volvo XC60 is the medium-size SUV that can fit you and your cargo. Whatever kind of vehicle and features you’re looking for, SIXT+ has it.

Volvo S60 car subscription

Volvo XC60 car subscription

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