Car Subscription in Atlanta from SIXT+

A SIXT+ car subscription in Atlanta is a great way to always have transportation available with no long-term contracts. Our flexible car subscription is a great car lease alternative and saves you the time and expense of buying a car, and you can have your vehicle immediately. Plus, everything is fully customizable, from the vehicle to any extras you choose. You can end your subscription monthly, and swap cars each month if you want something different or your needs change. Drive around Atlanta in style with a premium sedan and then the next month switch to a roomy premium SUV. Luxuriate in all the latest features and blast the air conditioning without worrying about a long-term commitment.

With a SIXT+ Car Subscription you are Mobile in 3 Easy Steps

When you are ready to sign up for a SIXT+ car subscription in Atlanta, the process is easy. Configure your subscription either online or in the SIXT app by choosing a car category, extras, and the location and date you would like to pick up your vehicle. You’ll then see your monthly price inclusive of your chosen mileage and protection packages. Then you can go to your confirmed pick-up location on your chosen date, get in your car and drive away. It’s that simple.

Why Choose a Car Subscription in Atlanta?

Make your commute more comfortable

Whether you need to get from Buckhead to Midtown or Carey Park to Downtown Atlanta, you can travel between work and home in a new-model car. A car subscription is also the perfect choice if you only need a vehicle for work for a couple of months. Avoid crowded public transit and enjoy commuting in a vehicle with all the latest features.

More flexibility than buying or leasing

A SIXT+ car subscription can help you bridge the gap between leasing and buying a car. It’s like a short-term lease but without the commitment. You can extend your subscription by as many months as you need to. And it’s also easy to cancel your subscription each month, simply by returning the vehicle to the Atlanta station where you picked it up.

Change your vehicle based on need

If you start your car subscription with a family-friendly sedan, it doesn’t mean you are stuck with this car category. We offer a wide variety of car types, so if your needs change, so can your car. Choose an SUV one month is you need more passenger and cargo space for a hiking adventure. Then switch to a compact sedan the next month if you need to do a lot of city driving and want to save on gas.