Car Subscription in Maui from SIXT+

Whether you're in Maui on business or on an extended vacation, a car subscription is a convenient way to have transportation accessible on the island. With a car subscription in Maui, you'll enjoy the convenience of leasing with added benefits such as the chance to change vehicles monthly and select a mileage package. When you use this car lease alternative, you'll also avoid a long-term leasing period and the high cost of shipping your vehicle to Hawaii. Consider one of our premium vehicles to look stylish on the beach. If you'll be toting around sports equipment such as golf clubs or surfboards, a large SUV might be ideal. 

With a SIXT+ Car Subscription you are Mobile in 3 Easy Steps

To get started, simply download the SIXT app or go to our website. The approval process is quick and doesn’t require piles of paperwork. Once you're approved, you can select a day and SIXT location to pick up your car; in most cases, you can pick up your car the same day. You can also request the type or size of the car that you want along with any upgrades such as GPS, child car seats or added miles. 

When is a car subscription in Maui worthwhile?

Worry-free transportation

Many visitors pay top dollar to take in the beauty and blissful weather of Maui. While you're on the island for an extended period, a SIXT+ car subscription in Maui gives you reliable transportation.

No long-term contracts

With a SIXT+ car subscription, you won’t have to deal with a long-term contract for business travel. This can save you lots of money if you need to return to the mainland earlier than expected. You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

No maintenance costs

Make your work commute in Maui a luxurious one with SIXT+. Because you aren't buying or leasing the car, you won't have to worry about wear and tear on the vehicle. And, SIXT takes care of all your regular maintenance needs. 

FAQs: Frequently asked Questions about Car Subscription in Maui

How old are SIXT cars?

You can be confident that the car you get from SIXT will be relatively new. Cars in our fleet are an average of 3 months old. 

Can I let someone else drive my car from SIXT?

Yes, you can. However, the driver must be added to your subscription. This can be done at any time and with multiple drivers.

What forms of payment does SIXT accept?

SIXT accepts all major credit cards for your SIXT+ alternative to a short-term lease. Note that the name on the credit card must match the name of the signor on the agreement.