Car Subscription in San Francisco from SIXT+

A SIXT+ car subscription in San Francisco is ideal when you're in need of a short-term lease. Much simpler than buying or leasing a car, you'll get one monthly bill with your subscription that includes the use of the car, maintenance and repairs, basic mileage, and any protection package and extras that you request. Choose from a variety of car types with your subscription. We offer sedans, SUVs and minivans that provide added room for weekends at Mavericks Beach. All our cars are relatively new, that is either a current or last year model. With a car subscription, you can avoid the hassle of taking the bus, train or cable car to work or school.

With a SIXT+ Car Subscription you are Mobile in 3 Easy Steps

Get started with your monthly SIXT+ car subscription in San Francisco online or using our SIXT app. You'll have to go through just a few steps when applying for a car subscription. Along with personal information, you'll need to select the type of car you want, choose your mileage and protection package and pick optional extras like GPS. Finally, choose the SIXT station where you want to pick up your vehicle and when. Vehicles are available as soon as the next day.

Why Choose a SIXT+ Car Subscription in San Francisco?

Customize your car subscription package

Get exactly what you need with a SIXT+ car subscription. The perfect car lease alternative, you can select the type of car that you want to drive and can change the plan at any time. It includes a basic mileage package but you can upgrade if needed.

Cancel at any time

Unlike buying or leasing a car, you won't be locked in with a car subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time by returning the car to the station in San Francisco where you picked it up.

No added costs

You'll avoid finance or acquisition fees with a car subscription. You'll also know exactly how much you'll pay every month as everything is covered in just one monthly bill.