Car Subscription in Long Beach from SIXT+

If you’re in the market for affordable premium transportation, consider signing up for a SIXT+ car subscription in Long Beach. This car lease alternative is a reliable option that will provide you with your own vehicle for however long you like. Our fleet is filled with a selection of new cars, with an average age of only three months. Our short-term lease options are also customizable, meaning that you can select the level of protection and mileage package for your vehicle, as well as the type of car that you will be renting. An SUV can be a convenient option for anyone interested in a spacious vehicle, while an economy sedan is ideal for those on a budget or primarily driving in the city center.  

With a SIXT+ Car Subscription you are Mobile in 3 Easy Steps

To begin your SIXT+ car subscription in Long Beach, you will need to select a pick-up date and location either in the SIXT app or website. You will then receive confirmation via email, and you can also see your subscription information in the app. Once you pick up your vehicle, you can simply drive away while we take care of any outstanding paperwork and details. To cancel your subscription, return your car to the branch where you picked it up. 

When is a car subscription in Long Beach worthwhile?

An Easy Commute

Those that live outside of the city center but need to travel into town for work can benefit from having a SIXT+ car subscription. Our subscription service also comes in handy for when you have work projects that require you to frequently commute.  

The Latest Car Models

To ensure that you always have access to the most recent car models on the market, without having to tie yourself down to one brand, sign up for our car subscription. We are consistently putting new vehicles in our fleet for our customers to choose from. 

No Piles of Paperwork

We pride ourselves on having a service that is flexible and customizable. You won’t have to worry about dealing with confusing paperwork or being caught by unexpected fees for things such as routine wear and tear. 

FAQs: Frequently asked Questions about Car Subscription in Long Beach

To what extent can I configure my SIXT+ car subscription?

You can select a car from a specific vehicle group, and add extras, but it is not possible to choose a specific brand, model or vehicle.  

How and where do I get my car?

Customers can choose the city where they will pick up their vehicle and then will receive the specific address via email and in the app.  

Do I have to pay a deposit?

You will need to pay a deposit that varies depending on which car you select. You will be refunded for this after the first billing cycle has been completed.