Car Subscription in Los Angeles from SIXT+

A SIXT+ car subscription in Los Angeles is a great car lease alternative. It is the perfect option when you need a short-term lease because of a temporary job or vacation in Los Angeles, without the hassles of buying. We carry a variety of car categories, makes and models to meet your needs. If you're making a commute from Irvine to Los Angeles, you might prefer a standard sedan. You can also switch cars each month and switch to a minivan when you're taking a family beach vacation to nearby Malibu. End your monthly car subscription whenever you'd like by simply returning the vehicle the station where you picked it up.

With a SIXT+ Car Subscription you are Mobile in 3 Easy Steps

Begin your SIXT+ car subscription by completing your paperwork online or via our convenient app. You'll be asked to choose a car category such as a compact car, sedan or SUV. Select a mileage and protection package, and then you can add extras to your subscription such as GPS. Lastly, you'll choose the station where you want to pick up your car and you'll be quoted a monthly price for your car subscription in Los Angeles. It will take just a few minutes to get started.

Why Choose a SIXT+ Car Subscription in Los Angeles?

An easy commute

Avoid the hassle of public transportation with a monthly car subscription. Like a short-term lease, it will provide you with a newer and dependable car to get you around the LA freeways.

Change your vehicle upon request

Although you may ask for an SUV one month, you can switch to a sedan the next if you want more luxury. Say your job moves you to Santa Monica and you have a longer commute. In this case, you can also change to a compact car to save on gas.

One monthly bill

You'll receive just one bill with your subscription. This will include your monthly fee and protection package cost, and other extras that you've requested such as GPS and added mileage. You can cancel your subscription at any time by just returning the car.