Driver Requirements, Rules & Regulations

You may have questions about what requirements there are to drive and rent a car from SIXT. Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions. You can find information about driver’s license requirements, returning your vehicle, additional drivers, and other scenarios. If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, you can contact the branch you would like to rent from.

What is the miminum age to drive a rental vehicle?

  • The minimum age to rent a vehicle in most locations is 21 and the driver must have a valid driver's license.
  • If the driver is between the ages of 21 to 24 only the following categories can be rented – economy vehicle, compact vehicle, intermediate vehicle, full size vehicle, compact SUV, intermediate SUV, and minivan. For an explanation of our vehicle groups, please visit our fleet guide.
  • Please also keep in mind, that an Underage Driver Fee will apply for all drivers under 25 years of age.

How long from the date my drivers license was issued can I rent with SIXT?

There is no minimum period that the driver's license should be valid for to rent with SIXT in the United States. All drivers (including any additional drivers) must be in possession of a “valid” driver’s license.

IMPORTANT – Further restrictions apply dependent on driver age and type of vehicle required. Please refer to the previous question for further information.

What proof of identification (ID) / documentation do I need to bring with me when collecting the vehicle?

  • A valid driver's license for all named drivers - If you driver’s license is printed in non-Roman alphabet (Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, etc.), it must be accompanied by an international driver's license. Any driver's license originating from countries not part of the international driver's license treaty must also be accompanied by an official translation.
  • Renters not from the United States must provide a valid government issued secondary form of identification such as a passport.
  • For local renters using a debit card, one utility bill will be required.*

Can I rent with a temporary license?

Temporary licenses are accepted if they are accompanied by the original expired or voided driver's license. We do not accept any photo copies of any driver's license.

Can I return the vehicle outside of office hours?

Some offices do offer an out of hours pick up/drop off service. Please review the branch information available on the ‘Branches’ page for clarification: click here to find out more. 

When is an additional day charged?

All rentals are charged based on a 24 hour billing period. Only when a rental exceeds a cycle of 24 hours will any additional daily charge apply. We do allow a 30 minute grace period for your convenicence at return. For example, if you picked up at noon on day one and returned at noon on day two you are within the 24 hour billing period and will be charged for one day. However, if you return at 1:00pm, you will be charged an additional day.

What if I return my rental vehicle late?

If you are late with your rental vehicle and do not need extra days, please head back to the branch at your earliest convenience. If you need to extend your rental, please contact us under +1 888 sixt car(7498 227).

What if I want to extend the length of my rental?

All rentals can be extended up to five additoianl days. If you need an extension over the legth of five days, this will require a new reservation and rental agreement. Please contact us herefor your extension needs.

What are the Terms and Conditions for renting a vehicle?

To view our full terms and conditions please visit our Terms and conditions page.

Is smoking permitted in the vehicle?

SIXT operates on a strict non-smoking policy in all of our vehicles. We will enforce a special cleaning fee to the renter if a returned vehicle requires special cleaning to remove any evidence of smoking.

What are the additional coverages SIXT offers?

At SIXT, we always recommend that you take our variety of coverages to protect the rental vehicle and to enhance your trip with peace of mind. Click here for the different packages we offer.

Will I be covered by my own insurance?

If you choose to use your own insurance, please make sure to check with your own insurance provider that the SIXT vehicle will be covered. For rentals outisde the USA, please see the respective terms for the pick-up country via our rental information page. If using your own insurance, please have your insurance card ready at time of pick-up.

Can I add an additional driver?

Yes, we do allow up to 10 additional drivers per contract. All additional drivers must be present at time of pick-up or at any point of the rental (main driver must be present as well) with a valid driver's license. A fee will be applied for adding each additional driver. For rentals originating in the state of California, the additional driver fee is waived.If you are a Gold, Platinum or Diamond status you can add one additional driver free of charge (US residents only).

Can someone else drive a vehicle rented by a driver with a disability?

Yes, if due to a disability and you do not have a valid driver's license, then you may still rent a car when accompanied by a “Surrogate Driver”. The Surrogate driver must present a valid driver's license and meet SIXT’s standard requirements for rental. Minimum age restrictions and other normal rental qualifications apply. There is no additional charge for the surrogate driver. Payment for the rental may be secured by either the renter or surrogate driver.

Can I book a vehicle and pay for it even if I will not be the person who picks up and drives it?

No, at the time of booking, the driver's name must be provided along with the credit card used for payment. The name listed on the credit card being used must also match the driver's name.

Can I return the vehicle to a different location?

Yes, we do offer one-way rentals between select locations. A one-way fee may apply, please see the respective terms of rental. For full details, please click here.

Do I have to refuel the vehicle before returning?

All vehicles must be refueled to the same level that you received at time of pick-up. We do offer the option to pre-pay your fuel if you feel that you will be rushed upon return. Please visit our list of additional services to learn more. If you are running late to return your car and you could not refuel or chose not to pre-pay your fuel, just bring back the vehicle and we can refuel it for a service fee of $8.99 per gallon.

What do I do in the event of a breakdown or accident?

Please ensure you get to a safe location for you and the passengers in your vehicle. Once in a safe location, please contact our roadside team for further assistance. In the event of an accident, please contact the local authorities first in order to file a police report.