One Way Car Rentals for European Vacations 

Car rentals in Europe with Sixt. Drive as much as you want with Sixt in the USA.


When planning trips to Europe, it can be very enjoyable to backpack and to rent a one way car rental from Sixt. Backpacking in Europe can allow the Europe trip to be taken in slowly, with a great deal of scenery that would be easily passed by with the ease of travel by highway.

But long-term car rentals, or one-way car rentals, can be a way in which travel to Europe can give one access to areas that would be otherwise difficult or tiring to walk. A popular one-way journey is as follows: from France to Italy, via Switzerland and the Alps.

This one-way vacation can be time and cost-efficient, catching the great sites like Paris, Zurich, and Rome and Milan in Italy. Sixt rent a car has great long term car rental rates available for all major cities in Europe.

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Which is the Best Way to Travel in Europe?

  • Within a period of a few days, while traveling via one-way car rental with Sixt, the traveler can enjoy stunning views and culture along every stop - whether in the mountains around Geneva or Bern in Switzerland, to the splendor of Florence's Renaissance museums.
  • Over the course of a long term trip with a car rental in Europe, a traveler can see snow-capped peaks in France or along the shores of an Italian lakeside resort, like Lake Como, or at a restaurant in Paris or a chalet in a Swiss skiing village.

Backpacking through Europe makes one-way traveling in Europe an unforgettable experience!

There are people who believe that a "European tour" is in fact exactly the same as backpacking in Europe. One-way car rental in Europe with Sixt is a popular option for those who want to save time and money. Traveling with Sixt is a popular option as Sixt have almost 4,000 car rental stations located across Europe.


Europe travel can be expensive, however youth hostels can provide an inexpensive alternative to hotels as well as restaurants, and can serve as a great way to meet fellow travelers backpacking in Europe. One way to make a vacation cheaper in Europe is to hire a long term car rental from Sixt.

Sixt car rental in Europe for Europe travel packages can offer a stylish means of getting around. A trustworthy rental car like a BMW, whether a two-seater for a single traveler or couple, or a van for a family vacation, can provide a lot of comfort on a Europe driving tour without breaking the bank.

Just another reason to have the experience of a one way car rental with Sixt in Europe!