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Luxury Car Rental Europe

Discover Europe’s gorgeous landscapes, historical places, and hidden gems with a luxury car rental from SIXT. Europe is a dream destination for travelers all over the world and what better way to explore the continent than at your own pace, in comfort and style, with a luxury car rental. Cruise down Romania’s famous Transfagarasan, a spectacular route featuring stunning views in the Carpathian Mountains. Travel aimlessly through Provence in France in search of the next best meal. Or meander up and down the rolling hills of Italy’s Tuscany region. Choose from our extensive selection of luxury car rental deals that include convertibles, SUVs, sports cars and many more car categories. Whether you’re in Europe for pleasure or work, make your visit an indulgent experience.

Explore Our Luxury Car Fleet

Enjoy Europe in a one-of-a-kind way on your terms. SIXT’s fleet of premium vehicles and luxury car brands will help you get from one quaint village to the next charming capital city with ease and in style. We offer luxury car rental deals that could have you driving a chic BMW convertible, a roomy Audi station wagon, or a sporty Maserati. Please be aware when booking that SIXT is only able to guarantee a vehicle in the category booked and not a specific model.

Advantages of a Luxury Car Rental in Europe

  • Drive your dream vehicle to your dream destination: With a range of premium vehicles, we offer a luxury or exotic car rental to suit your needs and desires to help you get to your dream European destination.  
  • Luxurious interiors with a sleek exterior: Your luxury rental car is from a leading brand like Mercedes, BMW, or Land Rover, meaning they’re built to please and ensure a first-class driving experience. 
  • The latest features: A SIXT luxury car rent a car is on average 3 months old, meaning your vehicle is fitted with the latest features, like inbuilt infotainment and up-to-date safety technology.

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Premium Service All Over Europe

SIXT proudly provides exceptional customer service. Our branches are located all over Europe and our staff are happy to provide you with quick and convenient car rental service so you can spend more time traveling. Customize your luxury or exotic car rental in Europe to fit your plans. Include add-ons like GPS navigation systems, additional drivers, child seats, and protection plans. Additionally, you make use of our Diamond Lounge for VIP treatment. You can also take advantage of weekly, long-term, and one-way car rental deals to have even more freedom and get to where you want to go at your leisure.

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