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The heart of the Emerald Isles, Dublin is the perfect jumping off point to explore the rich culture and history of Ireland. The unpredictable gloomy weather of Ireland means that there's always a slight chance of rain when visiting Dublin and its many tourist sites. Having the freedom to travel by rental vehicle keeps you dry, safe, and ready for any adventure in the comfort of your own sedan, van, or SUV. SIXT car rental in Dublin has five available pick up locations at the airport and within the city limits to accommodate every travel itinerary. Our affordable top-of-the-line rental cars give you the safety and reliability you need to truly explore the green rolling hills of Ireland.


Visiting Dublin with a rental car

Our many pick up locations in Dublin give you the flexibility to move around the city at your own pace. Use our convenient mobile app or book online to find the car that works best for you. Choose between trusted brands to get the best sedan, station wagon, SUV, or van rental for your needs when visiting Ireland's capital city. Upgrade to a luxury BMW SUV or sports car convertible to make that time you spend in the four leaf clover state feel even luckier. Details about our offers and availability at specific Dublin car rental branches can be found when booking on our site or in our mobile app. Please take note that while we strive to meet your rental vehicle needs, we can only guarantee your specified car rental in Dublin category and not specific models.

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Our Services

With so much to see when visiting Ireland, it can be a pain to know where to go first! Use our additional GPS to get you where you need to go or upgrade to our premiere internet-to-go for access to all your favorite apps and programs while traveling. Most of our Dublin rental cars come with unlimited free miles so you are free to roam. Extra features including tire and windshield protection options prepare you for the many notoriously rainy days in Dublin.

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Traffic Information

Dublin's motorway infrastructure is still in development and as such traffic in Dublin can sometimes be worse that in New York. Roads in Ireland are classified into four different categories: motorway, national roads, regional roads, and local roads. The M1-M9 motorways are based centrally around transportation in Dublin with connections to Belfast, Galway, and Cork. It's important to note that in Ireland, roads distances are measured using the metric system of kilometers and driving takes place on the left hand side of the road. Remember the two most important rules of driving in Ireland: stay on the left hand side and go slow. Most of Ireland's motorways will have you going an average of 40 mph. If you need some more tips on driving in Ireland, check out our article detailing driving tips for Europe

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Sightseeing Destinations

Chester Beatty Library

The Chester Beatty Library located within Dublin Castle is a stunning example of Ireland's commitment to supporting the arts and education. The library holds a collection of ancient texts and artifacts from around the world, as well as conducting various workshops for children and adults alike. The Chester Beatty longroom offers a postcard perfect vantage point to snap photo to show your family back home. Entrance to the library is free and different language audio tours can be arranged to help guide you throughout your visit as well.

Guinness Storehouse

For those looking to do as the Dubliners do, take a trip to the famous Guinness Storehouse for a pint of the dark dry stout. The Irish like their Guinness like the English like their lager, and it shows in the many quaint pubs littered around the city. But there's nowhere like going for a drink at the source itself in the Liberties neighborhood of Dublin! For the most well rounded understanding about how the national drink is made, the Guinness Storehouse holds not only tastings but can give you more in depth knowledge about the brewing process.

Wicklow National Park

For more naturally breathtaking views of the Emerald Isles, rent a car for a weekend trip outside of Dublin to the nearby Wicklow National Park. The park has served as a backdrop to many famous films over the years including P.S I Love You and Braveheart. The quintessential Ireland you've imagined from the postcards, Wicklow's romantic rolling hills and meandering sheep will take you back to a simpler time in Ireland's long history.

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Business Travel

The largest economic hub in Ireland, the city of Dublin is well regarded for its economic contributions to media, culture, and many multinational company headquarters. It's fame of being the "Silicon Valley of Europe" attracts many high tech information technology, financial service, and digital media companies. Europe's famous low budget airline Ryanair was also originated in Ireland and is one of the most successful small airline companies within the 33 neighboring countries in Europe. The Convention Center Dublin consolidates all of these industries into one top of the line commercial exhibition space located right along the Liffey River in the North Wall neighborhood. The Convention Center's close proximity to downtown and its many cultural attractions make networking after your event natural and accessible when you rent a car in Dublin.


Lisa M.

Great experience with our pick up Ray was super, lovely man.

nicaux 7.

Very professional team ! Perfect from the reception at the agency to the shuttle back to the airport. Everything has been done according to rules. We sincerely recommend this agency. We will keep renting cars by Sixt.

Chloe J.

We were a group of 5 and had rented an SUV, standard size. We mistakenly figured an SUV that would fit five persons would also fit luggage for 5, despite it saying 2 bags, but we decided to stick with what we ordered even after barely getting everything in. (Might go for a larger SUV if prices were lower*.)


Note: It was a good thing we didn't actually try to get a larger SUV. While it may have been a bit more roomy, it might've been impossible to drive through the tiny streets and garages we eventually drove through. As it was, we barely squeezed the Cupra into relatively tiny parking spaces and past other vehicles.


Our interaction with the agent was great! She (I think her name was Julietta? I can't remember for sure, but something with multiple syllables and very pretty) was very nice, let us add a second driver (easy process), and for an additional 30 euros (might've been only 20), said we could return the car to the Dublin airport rather than back to Q-Park, which was a huge relief.


We also (based on renting in a foreign country, and suggestions from friends) got full coverage insurance from Sixt, not depending on our credit card or Expedia insurance to cover any damage that might be done to the car. It was about an extra $100/day, but well worth it. A friend who'd been to Ireland just a few weeks earlier said her husband, who is a great driver, lost a mirror, and thanks to full coverage, there were no issues upon car return.


The Cupra was awesome! It was a hybrid, so didn't cost as much in petrol as it could have. It did have some automatic features, such as switching between high and low beam for night driving, which we loved. And auto windshield wipers if we didn't get to it quick enough, lol. She was a really great car and fun to drive.


We did get a warning for low tire pressure (we refilled each tire, but the message never went away for some reason, and the tires never flattened), and a warning about the battery part of hybrid needing a recharge, but neither of those things caused us any issues, and we never needed to use roadside assistance.


When we dropped off the car at the airport, the agent noticed that one of us had run up against the curb and caused slight damage to the tire rims, but said since we had full coverage, there would be no cost to us. Credit card is still extra charge free, and I'm assuming it will remain so. Only charged the cost of the car, insurance, and post-rental fee of $3.68 (after conversion) for driving on the M50 (which does not take cash or credit, but relies on license plates).


Anyway, overall, we had a great experience. Would rent from Sixt again.


*The price for an automatic car rental in Dublin is absolutely insane, at least when we went, and a larger SUV would've cost at least an additional $700 for 3 days. As it was, a 3-day rental was over $1600 (including rental and full-coverage insurance), but that's not Sixt's fault; it's supply and demand. Every other rental agency was even more expensive, and for smaller vehicles. (I did just look to see prices for a similar rental period in the future, and the price has gone down tremendously. Only $635 for 3 days, before insurance. Boy, did we go at the wrong time.)

Joseph M.

Amazing service. Accommodating. Offers options for Automatic driving. Lost our phone & helped us all the way. Very friendly & car worked perfectly.

Marvin B.

Had an amazing experience. Two things: they made it super easy to upgrade and gave me a range of options instead of the "most expensive one" and I lost my phone while returning the car. The staff from the shuttle to the front desk and cleaning staff all help me find it before my flight. Amazing service, honestly this place deserves a high rating. Thanks SIXT! — A Canadian 🇨🇦

Eric S.

Amazing customer service!

Why rent with Sixt?

Why rent with Sixt?
  • New cars - on average 3 months old
  • Premium fleet of german cars
  • Car rental made quick and easy
  • Unlimited miles on standard vehicles
  • Free cancellation when you pay on arrival
  • Friendly 24/7 customer service

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