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SIXT+ Car Subscription

Fixed monthly price. A range of packages. Cancel anytime.

Do you need a car every day and not just on weekends or for vacations? Do you want to avoid the hassle of leasing paperwork? Now there’s another option! Sign up for SIXT+ and get stylish transportation at a fixed monthly price.

The Benefits of SIXT's Car Subscription service

  SIXT+ Leasing Car Ownership 
Maintenance & wear costs Included $$$ $$$ 
Long-term commmitment No Yes Yes 
Delivery times Immediate availability Often with a waiting period Often with a waiting period 
At least 1 vehicle change per year Yes No No 
Insurance coverage Various options Must be purchased individually Must be purchased individually 
Piles of paperwork No Yes Yes 

Save Money with a 3-Month Car Rental

Hit the road for an extended period of time or ride in style while traveling for business with a 3-month car rental from SIXT. If you need a replacement vehicle or a car for business, you can avoid the hassle of a short-term lease and rent a car instead.  You could try out our car subscription service if you need the flexibility to stay mobile for longer. It’s really simple to rent with SIXT online or on our app, and when you rent for 3 months, the daily price becomes significantly cheaper, meaning you can make huge savings.

Reasons for Renting a Car for 3 Months

Save money

Book a 3-month car rental and you will likely get a lower daily rate than booking for shorter periods of time or with a short-term lease.

Vehicle replacement

Whether you were involved in an accident or your car needs extensive repairs, a long-term car rental for 3 months or more is an affordable and flexible alternative to unreliable public transportation and less-hassle than leasing.

Travel for work

Whether you have a seasonal job or are on the road for business for extended periods of time, a 3-month car rental can get you where you need to go.

Take a longer vacation

Embark on a dream road trip or travel throughout the summer with our cheap long term rentals. Renting for multiple months allows you to see everything you want in a dependable vehicle.

Can I rent a car for three months?

Yes, you can rent a car for a 3 months, or even longer for up to a year! Fill in our booking form with your dates to see a list of vehicles on offer and their respective prices.

How expensive is it to rent a car for 3 months?

Renting a car for 3 months might actually be cheaper than you think. In general the longer you rent for, the lower the daily price.

SIXT currently has some great deals on longer term rentals to make renting for 3 months even cheaper.

Long term car rental offer

Can you lease a car for 3 months?

It is possible to lease a car for just 3 months but not with every leasing company. We offer an affordable and simpler alternative to a 3-month lease. Simply book your car rental online in just a few steps.


We offer a range of stylish and affordable car categories to fit your budget and needs. That includes money-saving economy models to replace your own car, roomy SUVs for the whole family, and sporty convertibles and luxury sedans for some added style. If you want to split the driving between yourselves or are replacing the family car, it’s easy to add an additional driver. We also have car seats available at all of our rental locations across the US and internationally.