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Driving Tips in Nevada

Driving in Nevada can vary from other states so please make sure that you are familiar with Sixt’s rules and regulations before you start your road trip.

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Rules and Regulations

Here are some rules and tips that you should make yourself aware of before you set off on the road.

  • Texting, accessing the internet and hand-held cell phone use while driving are illegal in Nevada although you can talk using a hands-free headset.
  • You cannot refuse to take a breath, blood or urine test as directed by a police officer. Blood samples can be drawn involuntarily, even on a first offense. Legal Limits  .08 percent blood alcohol level or any detectable amount of a controlled substance. (.02 if under 21, .04 in commercial driving). If you commit a drink driving offence your license can be revoked for at least 90 days upon arrest and your vehicle may be impounded.
  • Front and rear seat occupants of almost all passenger vehicles have to wear safety belts or ride in an approved child restraint system.
  • Children under age 6 and who weigh less than 60 pounds must be in an approved child restraint system. Failure to restrain children under age 6 and weighing less than 60 pounds may result in fines, community service and or the suspension of your driver’s license.
  • You are allowed to turn right on a red light after coming to a full stop, unless otherwise posted. You must be in the extreme right-hand lane and yield to pedestrians and all traffic moving through the intersection.
  • U-turns are generally allowed if they can be completed safely. In business areas, you must be at an intersection or on a divided highway where an appropriate opening exists. U-turns are not allowed where prohibited by a traffic sign or signal, or if there is less than 500 feet visibility in both directions.
  • Drivers are required to stop for school buses when students are boarding and departing and when bus is displaying its flashing red lights. On divided highways with a median or other physical barrier, traffic moving in the opposite direction does not have to stop. On all other roads, traffic in both directions must stop.
  • Drivers in Nevada have certain duties when approaching a stopped emergency vehicle making use of flashing lights. These apply to all types of emergency vehicles including tow trucks. In the absence of direction by a peace officer, the driver of a vehicle approaching a stopped emergency vehicle must:
  • Decrease the vehicle speed to a speed that is reasonable and proper and less than the posted speed limit.
  • Proceed with caution.
  • Be prepared to stop.
  • If possible, drive in a lane that is not adjacent to the lane in which the emergency vehicle is stopped unless the roadway, traffic, weather or other conditions make doing so unsafe or impossible.
  • If you happen to have an accident but there is damage only to a vehicle or other property (no injuries), your vehicle is obstructing traffic and the vehicle can be moved safely, move the vehicle to a location that does not obstruct traffic and then return to the scene.

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Speed Limits

  • 15mph School Zones
  • 25mph  Business and residential areas and school zones
  • 45mph  Reduced speed areas going into towns
  • 65mph  Urban freeways, rural highways
  • 70mph Rural interstate freeways

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Things to Bring Along

Registration and insurance card must be carried in the vehicle.

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Additional Information

Sixt hope that you read and fully understand all of our driving tips before your journey begins as we want you to enjoy your trip and drive safely. Start with a visit to Las Vegas and head to the strip for a variety of entertainment, bars and casinos. Drive to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area for great scenic walks or head to Bellagio Fountains for a wonderful choreographed show. Sixt is looking forward to being your car rental provider in Nevada. Don’t forget that we have many branches in other states of the USA including, Florida, Georgia and Arizona.

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