Service & Info. Sixt van tips for a safe trip.

Follow the tips below for a safe trip:

  • Let the branch staff at your pick-up location explain the handling of the van to you.
  • Make a test drive on a car park or in an area with little traffic.
  • Always bear in mind the size of the van, particularly the height (especially when approaching bridges…).
  • Take into consideration the extra room required when maneuvering and cornering, make sure that your exterior mirrors are adjusted properly to help with this.
  • Do not follow the vehicle in front too closely as vans have a longer stopping distance.
  • Pay attention when reversing and backing into a parking space. It is better if another person guides you.
  • When turning left, right or maneuvering into tight spaces remember to use your exterior mirrors.
  • Pay attention when changing lanes. Always think about blind spots and pay particular attention to motorcycle drivers.

Though you might be nervous when driving a van for the first time, you will soon find that it‘s really not too difficult! Have a good and safe drive.