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Driving in Georgia can vary from other states so Sixt wants to make sure that you are aware of all the driving regulations before you start your road trip.

Rules and Regulations

Here are some driving tips and rules that you should be aware of before you get going on the road.

  • A person who is 21 or more years of age is considered Under the Influence of Alcohol when 0.08 gm or more by alcohol weight is present in the blood.
  • A person under 21 years of age is irrefutably considered Under the Influence of Alcohol when 0.02 gm or more by alcohol weight is present in the blood.
  • Please do not use your cell phone whilst driving. This ban applies to any texting device including cell phones, and applies to text messages, instant messages, email and Internet data.
  • When traveling on a roadway that intersects with another roadway, if you are faced with a stop sign, but other traffic is not, you may proceed only after stopping and yielding the right-of-way to any other vehicle or pedestrian either in the intersection, or so close to the intersection as to make it dangerous to travel through the intersection.
  • At intersections where there are no stop signs, yield signs or other traffic signals, if two vehicles come to the intersection at the same time, the driver of the vehicle on the left must yield to the driver of the vehicle on the right.
  • At a four-way intersection where all drivers are faced with stop signs, all drivers must yield to pedestrians; otherwise the vehicles should proceed through the intersection in a first to arrive, first to proceed order. If two vehicles reach the intersection at approximately the same time, yield to any vehicles on your right.
  • If another driver tries to take your turn, even if you have the right-of-way, let the other driver proceed. It might prevent a traffic crash.
  • When making a left turn at an intersection, or into an alley or driveway, yield the right-of-way to all traffic coming from the opposite direction.
  • Yield to all highway maintenance vehicles and workers in a construction zone;
  • Unless a sign posted at that intersection prohibits doing so, it is permissible to make a right turn on red at an intersection controlled by a traffic control light.
  • Unless a sign posted at that intersection prohibits doing so, it is permissible to make a left turn on red from the left lane of a one-way street onto a one-way street on which the traffic moves toward the driver’s left.
  • When a school bus is preparing to stop to load or unload children, the driver of the bus will activate flashing yellow lights. When these flashing yellow lights are activated, all drivers approaching the school bus should slow down and be prepared to stop. Once the flashing lights have turned red and the stop signs have extended from the side of the bus, it is unlawful for any vehicle to pass the stopped school bus while it is loading or unloading passengers.

Speed Limits

Maximum traveling speeds are determined based on the following general rules in Georgia unless otherwise posted:

  • 30 miles per hour in any urban or residential district.
  • 35 miles per hour on an unpaved county road.
  • 70 miles per hour on a rural interstate.
  • 65 miles per hour on an urban interstate or on a multi-lane divided highway.
  • 55 miles per hour in all other areas.
  • Some areas, such as school zones or construction zones, may be posted for lower maximum speed limits at certain times of the day or for a short period of time so please be aware of signs.
  • When there are two or more lanes for traffic moving in the same direction, slower vehicles should use the right lane except when passing or making a left turn. On certain highways, minimum speed limits are posted. If you are unable to drive at the minimum speed, you should seek an alternate route.

Things to Bring Along

You must have an appropriate driver’s license or permit in your possession while operating a motor vehicle in the State of Georgia. If stopped while driving, you must display your driver’s license/permit to any law enforcement officer upon his or her request.

Additional Information

We want you to drive safely at Sixt so please make sure that you have read and understood all of our driving tips before you start your road trip. If you are heading to Atlanta you will be glad to have a car rental to get you around the city. Whilst there you might want to visit the Fox theater for an entertaining show, the Atlanta botanical garden for picturesque scenery or the Atlanta History center to discover more about the history of the city.

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