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Each Alfa Romeo luxury car is a masterful combination of precision engineering, innovative technology, and outstanding aesthetic design. The luxury car manufacturer has worked in collaboration with some of Italy's leading design houses to create vehicles that are as chic as they are powerful and Alfa Romeo describes the creation of its cars as the 'the mechanics of emotion'. Every car is made with exceptional attention to detail and famous models such as the Spider and the Alfetta are considered design classics, while contemporary cars like the Giulietta and the Giulia continue the brand's tradition of excellence. Sixt is delighted to offer a selection of Alfa Romeo car rental options that enable drivers to experience the power and luxury of one of the world's iconic brands.

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Alfa Romeo was founded in 1910 in Milan, Italy as A.L.F.A. The brand has been involved in motor racing since 1911 and produced its first racing car in 1913. Its successes in Grand Prix, Formula One, touring and rally car racing has resulted in a unique understanding of what makes a powerful car truly special. Alfa Romeo is often the first to use new ideas and technology, a trend that started with the introduction of the brand's trademark engine with double overhead cam for 1914's Grand Prix. This feature was the first among many to be adapted for use in Alfa Romeo sports car models. Although the brand became part of the Fiat group in 2007, the Italian innovator continues to produce cars that illustrate its passion for excellence. Discover the Alfa Romeo rent a car with Sixt and experience the joy of a world class drive.

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