SIXT+ Car Subscription Service

  • Flat monthly rate
  • Customizable monthly plans
  • No annual commitment and flexible monthly extensions
  • Easy online signup

Forget about everything that’s keeping you from getting a car. Instead, say yes to a fixed monthly price that’s all-inclusive, and cancel at any time. Sign up for SIXT+ now online or in the SIXT app.

Today’s Alternative to Leasing: Stay Mobile with a Car Subscription

Our car subscription service is the solution for those who want more flexibility than you get with car leasing. Instead of investing money in new cars that go down in value, save your money for vacations or other expenses. It’s also hard to know if you will want to drive the same car in 1, 2 or even 5 years, so it’s better to stay flexible.

A SIXT car subscription can be a worry-free part of your life, just like Netflix or a gym membership! With an all-inclusive car subscription service, you have mobility with no fuss at a fixed price. Get a car immediately and keep it for as long as you want!

Jeep GrandCherokee Sixt plus Billboard Mobile 1
  SIXT+ Leasing Car Ownership 
Maintenance & wear costs Included $$$ $$$ 
Car registration Included $$$ $$$ 
Taxes or loan interest Included $$$ $$$ 
Long-term commmitment No Yes Yes 
Delivery times Immediate availability Often with a waiting period Often with a waiting period 
At least 1 vehicle change per year Yes No No 
Insurance coverage Various options Must be purchased individually Must be purchased individually 
Payment Any debit/credit card Often has fees Often has fees 
Piles of paperwork No Yes Yes 

Advantages of a Car Subscription Service

Model choice

Always drive exactly the car you need

Full cost control

Fixed price per month, at a fixed subscription rate

Drive a new car

No high acquisition costs of buying or leasing

Up-to-date cars

Always drive the newest models with the latest technology

No hidden costs

The price includes taxes, registration and insurance

No maintenance

Don’t worry about things like tire changes or inspections

Something for everyone

A range of models from small to large, economy to luxury

You Decide: Choose a Vehicle for Your Car Subscription

Get the kind of car you need without the hassle. We offer a range of car categories to meet your budget, and passenger and cargo needs.  

  • Economy models are great for city driving and for those who just need room for a couple of people.  
  • Standard vehicles like full-size sedans or SUVs make longer trips or commutes more comfortable for you and your passengers.  
  • Choose the luxury car category if you want maximum comfort with all the latest features, and the space to bring family and friends along for the ride.

Economy car subscription

Hyundai Accent or similar | Sedan

hyundai accent 4d schwarz 2018

 $499 | MONTH*

Premium SUV Subscription

VW Tiguan or similar | SUV

vw tiguan allspace 5d grau 2019

$579 | MONTH*

Full size SUV subsctiption

GMC Yukon or similar | Premium SUV

gmc yukon 5d schwarz 2018

$1,019 | MONTH*


What is a SIXT+ car subscription?

A SIXT+ car subscription is ideal for when you need the convenience of having a car but want more flexibility than owning or leasing. All you need to do is sign up for the subscription, choose a car, and come pick it up as early as the next day. Everything can be included in the car subscription except for gas, so all you have to do is get in and drive away. And because we know your car needs might change, you can add extras, such as a toll service or cancel your subscription when you want.

How does the car subscription work?

  1. Configure your subscription: Choose your car category, mileage package and any optional extras you might need. Customize your pick-up date and location. All of this can be done online or in the SIXT app.
  2. Vehicle pick up: Once your subscription and pick-up date is confirmed, pick up your car at the SIXT branch you chose. The exact address will be sent to you in an email or you can find it in the SIXT app.
  3. Get in and drive off: Because everything is included, all you have to do is get behind the wheel and drive off.  
  4. Easily end your subscription: Return your car to your SIXT branch to end your contract

Why sign up for a car subscription service?

The car subscription is a complete package with transparent pricing, and you can drive your chosen vehicle for a flexible amount of time. You only pay the agreed monthly price plus fuel costs.

Car subscription brands

Ford car subscription
Mercedes-Benz car subscription
Volvo car subscription
BMW car subscription
Cadillac car subscription

* All prices exclude taxes and fees. All SIXT+ applications are subject to SIXT's review and approval of a SIXT+ Subscription. One month is equivalent to a period of 30 days; a one-off sign-up fee of $199 applies upon acceptance into the program; insurance coverage will depend on package selected. Your rental includes a specific amount of mileage based on the selection in your application. Costs for fuel are not included. Geographical restrictions apply. You can elect to add optional products for an additional fee during the application process, or add them anytime while your subscription is active, per the SIXT+ terms and conditions. A minimum duration of 30 days applies. Upon expiration of the minimum duration, the contract is automatically extended by one month at a time. You are entitled to terminate the contract at any time by returning your vehicle to the SIXT branch selected in your application. The return of the vehicle to said branch is considered as termination of the existing contract, effective from the end of the 30-day billing period during which time the vehicle was returned. Please note that the image and the vehicle specifications shown are merely illustrative of the respective car category and are subject to errors (better: subject to change without notice?). It is only possible to make a reservation for a car category, not for a specific vehicle. The information provided is based on the smallest model available in that category. The Rental Information, SIXT+ Terms and Conditions and the Rental Agreement Terms of SIXT rent a car, LLC, apply. ​