Intermediate car rental
Intermediate Car Rental

Rent an Intermediate Car with Sixt

The best reason to drive an intermediate car from SIXT is that you get a slightly larger vehicle at the same affordable price. An intermediate rental car is perfect for you if you will be traveling with a packed car of people and luggage. Intermediate car rentals from SIXT enable you to drive in style, comfort and affordability. Intermediate cars are recommended when you want to go on a road trip or take a long day trip out from the city, we guarantee comfort and satisfaction when driving one of our vehicles.

Nissan Sentra

or similar

Chevrolet Cruze

or similar

Hyundai Elantra

or similar

Options for Sixt Intermediate Car Rentals

Please check our fleet page for the car options we offer in the intermediate class, with an added extra from our customer favorites. At Sixt we only provide the best cars at the best prices to satisfy all of our customers’ needs and wants! At Sixt we pride ourselves on providing luxury cars that are all brand new and up to date.

Sixt Intermediate Rental Car Services

When you drive an intermediate car you get the sensation of excellent reliability, knowing that whatever is under the hood will take you exactly where you want to go. Not only that, the comfort inside the car is more than enough for either a long or short trip, leaving your passengers satisfied. Although these cars are perfectly simple you can still feel the joy of driving on the highways, therefore, intermediate cars from SIXT are the best alternative when comparing premium and luxury.

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