Hybrid car rental
Hybrid Car Rental

Rent a hybrid car with SIXT

A hybrid car rental from SIXT gives you the option to get where you need to go using different kinds of power. Electric hybrid cars give you better fuel economy with their combination of traditional combustion engines and an electric propulsion system. A plug-in hybrid has both a gas tank and a small battery that can be charged with a cable. This means you can get where you need to go without stopping for gas as much. Hybrid electric vehicles allow you to save energy, and cut down on emissions, with technologies like the engine shutting off when the vehicle is idle. SIXT offers a variety of hybrid car models in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Models include the BMW i8 sports car, the 5-door BMW 225xe, and the KIA Niro crossover.

Our popular hybrid cars

Toyota Sienna

or similar | MVAH

Good to know when renting a hybrid car with SIXT

How do I charge my hybrid car?

You can find electric vehicle charging points on the map, or in some cases use a normal outlet. You will find charging cables in the trunk or cargo area of the vehicle. 

How can I pay for my hybrid car rental?

We accept all major credit cards for hybrid car rentals. 

Can I choose what type of hybrid car I will get?

You will get a vehicle in the category you booked. You may also be able to choose a car in the SIXT app 30 minutes before your scheduled pick-up. 

Why rent a hybrid with SIXT?

Affordable prices

Get behind the wheel of the latest hybrid car models without breaking the bank. 

Low emissions

You’ll get better fuel efficiency with a hybrid, and you can easily recharge at a charging station or using a regular outlet. 

Top brands

You can drive a hybrid car from a top automaker like BMW and enjoy the latest features. 

Fun driving experience

Electric hybrid cars are fun to drive and provide fast, smooth acceleration. Enjoy hitting the open road and spend less on gas. 

Renting a hybrid car with SIXT

A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle has a range of 10-50 miles when using only the electric battery, but that goes up to about 300 miles when the gas tank is utilized. So, in addition to improved gas mileage, you can treat the environment better when you rent a hybrid car. Note that although the battery does not need to be returned fully charged, the gas tank needs to be full.

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