Midsize Car Rental

A midsize car rental with Sixt can be the perfect rental vehicle for a business trip or a vacation. Renting a midsize car gives you the comforts you need for your road trip and enough cargo space for luggage. Our premium fleet offers several midsize car rental types that can accommodate a range of budgets and travel. You can find everything from the ideal family car rental or midsize SUV to the perfect luxury sedan car rental in our midsize rental vehicle selection. Read on to learn more about midsize vehicles so you can make the right decision if debating between choosing a compact car vs. midsize car rental, economy car vs midsize car rental or a midsize vs standard car rental.

What is a midsize sedan?

A midsize sedan car rental offers the perfect balance of space, comfort and fuel economy. With a sedan model you will get a stylish means of transportation that is also able to offer top performance and practicality. The Sixt fleet even hosts luxury midsize sedans for your driving pleasure.

Midsize sedans | ICAR category

Rent a Midsize Sedan

Chevrolet Cruze or similar

Midsize Premium Sedans | PCAR category

Rent a Premium Sedan

Mercedes-Benz CLA or similar

What is a midsize SUV?

Renting a midsize SUV opens the door to adventure. With ample cargo and passenger space you can organize all sorts of family or group trips. An SUV gives you a reliable set of wheels, so you can drive confidently in a range of road and weather conditions.

Midsize SUV | IFAR category

Rent a midsize SUV

Kia Sportage or similar

Midsize SUV | SFAR category

Rent a Midsize SUV

Toyota 4Runner or similar

What is a midsize car rental?

A midsize vehicle is also sometimes referred to as an intermediate vehicle in the US and is the next level up from an economy or compact car. The characteristics of an example midsize rental car will typically have:

  • Has 4 doors
  • Seats up to five passengers 
  • Fits three to four suitcases or medium sized bags
  • Includes sedans, SUVs and luxury car models

Services with midsize car rental with Sixt

To make sure you can make the most of our large midsize car rental selection we offer great optional features as well. You can tailor any of our midsize car rental models with add-ons and extras like GPS, additional drivers and coverage protections. Child seats for babies, toddlers and small children can also be included to your midsize SUV or sedan car rental. Rent a midsize vehicle to get the most value out of your road trip.