Fullsize Car Rental

A full-size car rental with Sixt can give you all the comforts and space you need to fully enjoy your next road trip. Whether traveling to your destination for a business trip or a family vacation renting a full-size car can be the best solution for moving about in ease. The Sixt fleet offers a variety of full-size car rental types, including sedan and SUV models. Read on below to see the differences between a standard vs full-size car rental.

What is a full-size SUV?

A full-size SUV rental gives you a roomy vehicle that is ready for all kinds of roads. Whether getting an urban or outdoor adventure underway you will have ample cargo space to bring along what you need. Renting a full-size SUV offers a stylish and practical means of travel. Below are examples of full-size SUVs and vans, including luxury SUVs models.

Full-size SUV | FFAR category

Rent a Full-Size SUV

GMC Yukon or similar

Full-size SUV | GFAR category

Rent a Full-Size SUV

Chevrolet Suburban or similar

What is a full-size sedan?

A full-size sedan car rental is a great choice when traveling with more adults or children who require a child seat. With a full-size sedan you can ensure that passengers will have enough room to enjoy the ride. With top comforts and features renting a full-size sedan is the perfect choice for long drives. Below are some full-size sedan car rental examples:

Full-size sedans | FCAR category

Rent a Full-Size Sedan

Chevrolet Malibu or similar

What is a midsize car rental?

A midsize vehicle is also sometimes referred to as an intermediate vehicle in the US and is the next level up from an economy or compact car. The characteristics of an example midsize rental car will typically have:


What is considered a compact car rental typically refers to a vehicle that:

  • Has 4 doors
  • Seats five or more passengers 
  • Fits about 4 medium sized suitcases or bags
  • Generally is equipped with more extra features

Services with full size car rental with Sixt

When you rent with Sixt you can take advantage of affordable deals on premium vehicles. We also offer numerous services to help you arrange the car rental that best suits your mobility needs. You can tailor your full-size car rental with useful features as you make your online reservation. Include a GPS, child seat, or additional drivers to your booking. One-way rentals and flexible time periods are other benefits you can enjoy when renting a car with Sixt.